Language Programs

German ProgramMajor and Minor

At every level of our German language program, we strive to appeal to the cognitive abilities and intellectual curiosity of our students. Our language courses focus systematically on the development of all four basic language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), while emphasizing context and meaning at all levels and in all spheres of the language acquisition process. It is fundamental to our program that all language courses encourage students to explore other world-views and learn to think critically about culture.

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Dutch Program

In addition to a strong, four-semester language sequence, our course offerings include classes on Anne Frank, an undergraduate honors seminar entitled "Dutch Colonialism and its Aftermath," and a variety of independent studies. Dutch and Flemish Studies enjoys good relations with many other units at the University of Michigan, including Linguistics, Art History, History, South and South East Asian Studies, and Political Science.

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Scandinavian ProgramMinor

Swedish language courses are highly interactive. The focus is on communication from the very beginning. Students are able to use the language from day one. The atmosphere is friendly and cooperative, with room for both fun and challenging discussions. Students get to know each other as well as the local Scandinavian community, and other students in Scandinavia.

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