Current Members

Rita Chin (Associate Professor, History)

Rita Chin's research focuses on the multiple effects of the postwar "guest worker" migration on German society and culture. She published The Guest Worker Question in Postwar Germany (Cambridge University Press) in 2007. This book explores the postwar labor migration’s social, cultural, and ideological impacts, both on guest workers and German society at large.

Gottfried Hagen (Associate Professor, Near Eastern Studies)

Gottfried Hagen is an Ottomanist who has studied the German-Turkish alliance in World War I, and has also worked extensively on geographical literature and travelogues, including the mutual perceptions of Germans and Turks. His current research focuses on Islam and religious narratives in Ottoman literature.

Ariana Orozco (Graduate Student, German)

Ariana Orozco is interested in the category of minority literature its applications as well as its limits. She focuses on post-1990 literature. Authors she is interested in include Carmen-Francesca Banciu, Esther Dischereit, Dilek Güngör, and Wladimir Kaminer.

Damani J. Partridge (Asst. Pr. Anthro. & Center for Afro-Am. & African Studies)

Damani J. Partridge is an assistant professor of socio-cultural anthropology and African diasporic studies at the University of Michigan. He graduated from Amherst College with a B.A. in music and political science. After spending a year in Berlin as a Fulbright scholar (1995-1996), he then went on to study Anthropology at the University of California Berkeley. He has been at the University of Michigan since 2003 where he has published and taught on questions of race, sexuality, citizenship, mobility, post-socialism, europeanization, consumption, power, and displacement. His articles appear in Cultural Anthropology and Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power, among other venues. Most recently, he has been an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation visiting fellow at the Institute for European Ethnology at the Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany.

Robin Queen (Assoc. Professor, German and Linguistics)

Robin Queen's research focuses on bilingualism among Turkish-German children and young adults, with a specific emphasis on trajectories of contact-induced language change. Recent articles on this issue include: "Intonational in Contact: Evidence from Turkish-German bilinguals" (Language in Society 30:1) and "Language ideology and political economy among Turkish-German bilinguals in Germany." In When languages collide, Brian Joseph, Neil Jacobs et al., eds. (Columbus, OH: OSU Press).

Past Members

Susan Buettner (Graduate Student, German)

Nick Block (Graduate Student, German)

Didem Ekici (Graduate Student, Architecture)

Adile Esen (Graduate Student, German)

Joshua Hawkins (Graduate Student, German)

Ela Gezen (Graduate Student, German)

Asli Gür (Graduate Student, Sociology)

Kader Konuk (Assoc. Professor, German and Comparative Literature)

Ilka Rasch (Graduate Student, German and SAC)

Helga Rom (Graduate Student, German)