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Kapitel 6 Video Lecture
Correction/Error in the video: At 9:10-9:17, I should have said: "Masculine N-nouns add an '-n' or '-en' in the Dative singular, just as they do in the Accusative singular" [NOT: "Masculine N-nouns add an '-en' in the Dative singular, just as they do in the Accusative singular"]

Please glance at the info at the end of this page; then click on the player below to watch the Kapitel 6 video lecture!



  • Click the icon at the bottom right of the video to switch to full-screen view.
  • Remember you can watch the video more than once, pause it to take notes, and rewind any part that moved too fast for you!
  • After watching the video, leaf through Kapitel 6. Look carefully at the explanations of anything that was unclear to you in the video!
  • When you're ready, do the online exercise on the video.
    • Keep the video open while you do the exercise, and refer back to it as needed!
  • Reviewing the video lecture one or more times in the course of the chapter will make the information sink in MUCH more effectively.
    • Be sure to review all 6 video lectures when you study for the final exam. Watching them all shouldn't take much more than 2 hours!
    • Click here to see a page with links to all the video lectures for German 101 and 102!



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