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Deutsch 101 - Stunde 7 [die Stunde = hour]

Outline plan:

  • Pronunciation practice: Overhead: Probe 6
  • Review colors, classroom objects, pronoun substitution, & maybe negation:
    • Was ist das?
    • Welche Farbe hat der Stuhl? ==> Er ist beige etc.
    • Ist das ein BMW? ==> Nein, das ist kein BMW. Das ist ein Stuhl, etc.
    • Ist der Stuhl lila? ==> Nein, der Stuhl ist nicht lila. Er ist beige etc.
  • Overhead: "Mini-quiz" on culture text
    • This is not an actual quiz! It's just a set of factual questions to discuss. We will use a similar format on all the "Kultur" days!
  • Overhead: Blogtailparty
  • Overhead: Kapitel 1 Kultur ("How German is American?")
    • Note no. 5 (the regular present tense conjugation pattern).
  • Alphabet (p. 21)
    • Repeat alphabet 2 or 3 times
    • Instructor spells the following words in random order. Students listen in order to determine which word is being spelled:
      • 1. sie 2. sein 3. zehn
      • 4. Wien 5. Wein 6. wann
      • 7. wie 8. viel 9. weil
      • 10. Bär 11. Bar 12. Berg
    • Pronounce the following acronyms/abbreviations: VW, BMW, BRD, DDR, USA, BSE, FKK, LSD, UPS, usw., km/h, ADAC, TÜV
    • Political party acronyms ("left to right"): SPD, FDP, CDU/CSU
    • EITHER: Act out a dialogue consisting only of the letters of the alphabet, in order. Student 1 is trying to persuade Student 2 to go on a date with him or her. Student 2 is not interested, but Student 1 is persistent. Each pair can decide if the dialogue ends in success of failure for Student 1.
      • Sample dialogue: S1 (romantically): abcd! S2 (coolly): efg S1: hijkl? S2: mn S1: opqrs? S2: t S1 (desperately): uvw?…x?...y?? S2 (resolutely): z
    • OR: play hangman (Galgenmännchen)
  • Time permitting: Test essay preview
    • Topic of the essay for test 1: In five (or more) sentences, describe a classmate in your German class. Include your classmate's name, age, nationality, where he/she comes from, and a physical description, e.g., eye color, hair color and length.
    • ==> Ask a partner the necessary questions: Wie heißt du? Wie alt bist du? Bist du Amerikaner(in)? Woher kommst du? And note her/his eye color, hair color and length!


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