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Deutsch 101 - Stunde 13 [die Stunde = hour]

Today's class takes place in a computer classroom. Click here to confirm the location.

Handout für heute: Internet Vokabeln

Outline plan:

  • Partner: scroll through your section's blog. "Was war Ihr Lieblingspost?"
  • Overhead: "Wie geht's?"
  • Watch only the first 1:00 of "Easy German: Episode 1 - Hallo"
    • Find this via Kapitel 2 Videos zum Spaß > "Easy German: Episode 1 - Hallo"
    • Divide class into "Interviewer" & "Passanten"
    • "Interviewer" ask "Passanten: "Wie heißt du?" "Wie geht's?" "Was machst du gern?"
  • Go to Canvas Home > Links für Deutsch 101 > The Lernen To Talk Show and watch the intro video at the top of that page
  • Practice Kapitel 2 vocab with Flash Card app
  • Compare PONS, and LEO [See links to them in the sidebar of this page!]
    • Look up e.g. "Buch," "groß" or "essen" on all three sites and note differences
    • Note the helpful organization of results into categories on PONS
    • Note the multiple "crowdsourced" pronunciation samples on
      • Note lists the most likely translations first
      • Try searching for "Buch*" and "*buch" on Only offers this great "wildcard search" option
    • Note the convenient listing of noun plurals and basic irregular verb forms (aß, gegessen) on LEO
      • Even more helpful in this respect: BEOLINGUS!
  • Play with University of Iowa Phonetics Site: see link and description here
  • Review info about iLrn (& typing umlaute) linked to iLrn homework
    • Also show links to additional info IN the homework plan. [If you just work through the Assignment Schedule on iLrn without referring to the Assignment info on Canvas, you will miss these sorts of hints and explanations, and may be confused by some of the activities (or do more work than you need to)]
  • Demo of Vorsprung Vocab audio: German 101 Canvas site ==> Files > Vorsprung Vocab Files > kapitel02.mp3
  • Find and show Lola rennt trailer on YouTube - e.g. here
  • Time permitting: Kapitel 2 iLrn self-test [Log into iLrn > Self-Tests > Kapitel 2 > Pre-Test/Post-Test [the pre- and post-tests are the same]
    • Format is the same for each chapter: 20 multiple-choice vocab questions, 20 multiple-choice grammar questions
    • Some questions refer to the Anlauftext for the chapter
    • When you click on "Submit," all you see is a percentage score, but this score is link. Clicking on the link gets you to the usual detailed iLrn feedback.


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