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Deutsch 101 - Stunde 15 [die Stunde = hour]

Outline plan:

  • Before class begins: Informally review "Formen Sie Sätze" overhead from Stunde 12
  • Aktivität 37 (Partner)
  • Repeat separable verb examples p. 72
    • Instructor asks questions like "Wann stehen Sie auf?" "Gehen Sie gern spazieren?"
  • Separable verbs: Students mingle & ask each other questions on slips of paper based on this overhead
  • Interview Overhead (to practice negation). Reminders:
    • nicht usually comes before the specific element being negated, or at the end of the sentence if the whole statement (and nothing particular in it) is being negated
    • second parts of verbs take precedence over nicht in going to the end of the clause
    • use kein to negate nouns preceded by ein or not preceded by any article
      • Or: nicht should never be used directly in front of nouns (i.e. without e.g. a der/das/die between nicht and the noun) and should never be used in front of "ein"; kein should never be used in front of anything that's not capitalized
    • if the statement includes "gern," the negation will be "nicht gern."
  • "Akkusativpronomen" overhead: Repeat Nominative & Accusative forms of the pronouns
    • Note how the 3rd person pronouns rhyme with the corresponding forms of der/das/die: der-er, die-sie, das-es, den-ihn
  • Akkusativ Overhead, Übung A & B.
    • Remember the rhymes: den/das/die - ihn/es/sie!
  • Time permitting, do iLrn S:2-2A


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