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Deutsch 101 - Stunde 25 [die Stunde = hour]

Outline plan:

  • Overhead: Mini-quiz on culture readings [remember this is not actually a quiz!]
  • Overhead: Kapitel 3 Kultur-Texte
    • Begin with the role play. Note that tipping is possible but not customary at self-service srestaurants, so it's not part of this role play. There will be a role play with Trinkgeld [a tip] in a later chapter.
    • Click here for a note on some shocking language towards the end of the article on types of beer.
  • Overhead: Objekt in der Tasche
    • Instructor collects the objects students brought in a bag, and writes any new words on the board (with their gender)
    • Everyone now picks an object out of the bag. Students use the language on the overhead to find the object they brought, and to make conversation once they are finished.
    • Note that this dialogue is an opportunity to practice possessive adjectives in the Nominative and Accusative (mein(e)(n), dein(e)(n)...)
    • Students who forgot to bring an object pair up with someone who did bring one; these pairs ask "Wer hat unser(e)(n)" and others use "euer/eure(n)" to answer them.
  • Freie Kommunikation: Overhead: Kennenlernen!
    • Get to know a new person in class auf Deutsch!
    • Afterwards, briefly introduce your partner to the class.
  • Your instructor may end class today with a joke that will make sense if you respond "Doch!"
    • Remember "Doch!" is used to negate negative statements - e.g. "Die Ohio State Studenten sind nicht dumm" - "Doch!"]


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