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Deutsch 101 - Stunde 28 [die Stunde = hour]

Outline plan:

  • "Wie geht's?" overhead (review)
  • Aktivität 1
    • Note activity directions in the book are in German as of Kap. 4
    • Time permitting, tell a partner your own answers: "Ich nehme (k)ein/(k)eine/(k)einen/zwei/drei __________ mit."
  • Aktivität 2
  • Aktivität 3
    • Time permitting, follow up with these translation prompts:
    • Be [=Sei!] > Be careful!
    • I have to > I have to hitchhike
    • She worries > You worry [Du machst dir Sorgen]
    • I should > I should spend money > I should spend a lot of money > I shouldn't spend a lot of money
    • Buy souvenirs > Buy many souvenirs > Don't buy so many souvenirs
  • Listen to the Anlauftext [pp. 124-5 in the eBook] and do Aktivität 5 
    • Partner: Translate the Anlauftext
  • Instructor introduces the du-Imperative
    • Note forms of the du-imperative in the Anlauftext (Trink...,, Gib (nicht)...aus, Fahr..., etc.)
    • Review info from Kap 4 video lecture
    • Form du-infinitives for a few verbs (e.g. sagen > sag!; singen > sing!; geben > gib!; nehmen > nimm!; essen > iss!; lesen > lies!)
    • No a > ä stem-change in the du-imperative (e.g. fahren > fahr!; laufen > lauf!; tragen > trag!)
    • Akt 12
  • Du-Imperative practice: Patienten and Psychologen
    • Instructor hands out slips of paper with "psychological" problems and "solutions" in the form of du-imperatives. "Patienten" and "Psychologen" mingle to determine appropriate "solutions" to the "problems." See the overhead for examples.
      • "Patienen" respond with "Quatsch!" [Nonsense!] or "Du spinnst!" to suggestions that don't make any sense for their problem
    • Use overhead to go through responses


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