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Deutsch 101 - Stunde 37 [die Stunde = hour]

Outline plan:

  • Discuss Test 4 briefly (if graded already)
  • Aktivität 1 (Partner)
    • Ignore "Jobs mit interessanten Leuten"
    • Ich habe das (nicht) gemacht = I have (not) done that
    • Welchen Job möchten Sie?
  • Aktivität 2 (Partner)
    • etwas = something; fallen lassen = to drop ("to let fall") [this item is about dropping something in the hope that the person you want to meet will pick it up :) ]
  • Anlauftext:
    • Project vocab from "Anlauftext lesen" assignment
    • Play Anlauftext (pp. 166-7 in eBook)
    • Aktivität 5
    • Overhead: Anlauftext
  • Overhead: Tipping
    • In Germany, service is included in the bill and waitstaff are paid more normal salaries than in the U.S., so tips are smaller, typically between 5 and 10% of the bill. The tip is not left on the table. Instead, when one asks to pay, the waitperson says the amount of the bill, and one then tells him/her a slightly higher amount while giving him/her the money; the difference is the tip. In practice, one often rounds amounts up to the next Euro or the next 50 cents. If a customer forgets this, the waiter will generally rummage through his/her large change purse long enough to give the customer time to remember to name the new amount.
    • When paying with a credit card, you can ignore this, BUT it's not always possible to write in a tip on the printout, so you may have to improvise (e.g. name a higher total before the waitperson enters the amount into the credit card machine, or tip with cash).
  • Go through grammar worksheet that was due today
  • Time permitting, review the 5 love stories in the Kapitel 5 video
    • The stories start at roughly 5:15, 6:45, 8:20, 9:10 & 10:30


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