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Deutsch 102 - Stunde 22 [die Stunde = hour]

Outline plan:

  • Practice with one or two of the "Sprechtest 1" index cards
    • Find these on Canvas > Files > Oral Tests
  • Wissenswerte Vokablen: Berufe (p. 342)
    • Partner: Go through these and decide what is "ein guter Beruf," "ein schlechter Beruf" or "OK."
    • Simple questions about "Andere Berufe" in the margin. E.g.:
      • Mozart war ein ____________.
      • Gustav Klimt, Albrecht Dürer, Georgia O'Keeffe und Picasso waren ____________.
      • Goethe, George R. Martin, Toni Morrison und J.K Rowling sind ____________.
    • "Was möchtest du werden [=become]?"
    • "Was wolltest du werden, als du 5 warst?"
  • "Berufe und Relativpronomen" overhead (just the questions)
  • Aktivität 10 (partner)
  • General questions about relative clauses:
    • Do they provide additional information about a noun, a verb, or both? [a noun]
    • Where does the relative clause go in the sentence? [after the noun it describes]
    • Where does the verb go in the relative clause? [at the end, as with all subordinate clauses]
    • Is the case of the relative pronoun the same as the case of its antecedent [the noun it refers to] in the main clause? [No!] See the "Das ist Annas Hund" examples from the "Berufe und Relativpronomen" overhead
  • Aktivität 9
  • Overhead: Relativpronomen-1
    • Afterwards, form some analogous sentences based on the models on the overhead with the corresponding numbers (A1, B2 etc.):
    • (A1) The car [which] I buy [Das Auto…]
    • (A1) The car [which] I drive
    • (A1) The chocolate [which] I buy [Die Schokolade…]
    • (A1) The chocolate [which] I eat
    • (A2) Someone with whom I eat SPAM [Jemand, mit dem…]
    • (A2) Someone for whom I cook SPAM
    • (A3) Someone who loves me
    • (A3) Someone who loves SPAM
    • (B2) There is a kangaroo in our class that I love [das Känguru]
    • (B2) There is a penguin in our class that I love [der Pinguin]
    • (C2) An atom (which) I see im Mikroskop [das Atom]
    • (C2) A very small kangaroo (which) I see im Mikroskop
    • (C2) A very small man (whom) I see im Mikroskop
    • (C2) A very small woman (whom) I see im Mikroskop
  • Preview the next Känguru assignment as follows:
    • p. 26. Explain "Wie kommst du darauf" [=Warum denkst du das?] & "Bolzenschneider" [=bolt cutter; good for stealing bikes]; then students read this with a partner
    • p. 31: read just the dialogue with a partner, until "Wolle mer se reinlasse?" on p. 32.
      • "Wolle mer se reinlasse?" = "Wollen wir sie hereinlassen" = "Shall we (literally: do we want to) let them in?" More info about this is in the reading notes!
      • Who do you think yells the answer "Nein!" in response to "Wolle mer se reinlasse?"




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