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Deutsch 102 - Stunde 25 [die Stunde = hour]

Outline plan:

  • Informal activity before class begins: Practice with one or two of the "Sprechtest 1" index cards
    • Find these on Canvas > Files > Oral Tests
  • Repeat "Wissenswerte Vokabeln" p. 360.
    • Aktivität 32
    • Students work in groups of three to outdo each other in self-praise:
      • Student 1: Ich bin analytisch
      • Student 2: Ich bin analytischer
      • Student 3: Ich bin am analytischsten
      • Continue doing this with other adjectives from this section :)
    • Time permitting: Aktivität 33 (Just respond with the correct adjective)
  • Thoroughly go through the worksheet due today:
    • Hand out copies of "Adjective Ending Algorithm" overhead
    • Use page 2 of this overhead to go through Section B
      • For each item in Section B, go through the complete algorithm:
        • Is there a determiner?
          • Yes ==> Is it dictionary form?
            • Yes ==> -e; No ==> -en.
          • No determiner ==> figure out what the der-word would be, and use that ending.
      • Use the notes and shortcuts on the handout!
      • For fun: try to understand the jokes on the t-shirts in this text :)
    • Notes for Section C:
      • hoch, höher, am höchsten
      • lustig, lustiger, am lustigsten
      • groß, größer, am größten
      • alt, älter, am ältesten
  • "Deutsche Rekorde - Superlative unserer Heimat" (PowerPoint)
    • We will come back to this in Stunde 28




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