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Deutsch 102 - Stunde 35 [die Stunde = hour]

Outline plan:

  • Informal conversation before class begins based on Aktivität 35
  • Video: "Sesamstraße: Aschenputtel"
    • Note that in the original German version, when Aschenputtel wants to go to the Ball, the stepmother tells her that she can go if she completes the impossible task of sorting a large amount of lentils before the ball starts, i.e. getting rid of the bad ones. The magical birds from the hazel tree help her, but then of course the stepmother still won't let her go, because she doesn't have a nice dress.
    • Im Video hilft ein Vogel Aschenputtel. Der Vogel LIEBT Ordnung [=order]. Aschenputtel LIEBT schöne Kleider.
  • Känguru-Chroniken: Mini-Quiz
  • Overhead: Die Känguru-Chroniken, Seite 114, 118-121, 125-128, 139-140b
    • Note re: the Jo-Jo chapter: Jo-Jo spielen is a "1" on the narrator's scale, meaning it's neither pleasant nor unpleasant. He's decided not to do any more unpleasant activities ever (i.e. activities rated between 0 and 1). Everything with a rating above 1 macht Spaß, at least a little.
  • Overhead: Als, wenn, wann, ob
    • Remember all w-words are subordinating when they don't form questions!
    • Aktivität 36




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