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Deutsch 102 - Stunde 47 [die Stunde = hour]

Outline plan:

  • Informal activity before class begins: Practice with one or two of the "Sprechtest 2" index cards
    • Find these on Canvas > Files > Oral Tests
  • Aktivität 22, 23 and 25 [Preview of tonight's reading assignment; also assigned on iLrn].
    • Note instructions in the "Für Stunde 48: Absprungtext lesen" Assignment; even if you normally do alternative worksheets instead of iLrn, you should do this for Stunde 48!
    • Notes for Aktivität 25:
      • Beitritt = joining
      • By "das zweite deutsche Reich," Vorsprung means the period from 1871-1945, so they're looking for 1871 for that. Normally, no one really talks about "das zweite deutsche Reich." Some obscure historian coined this term in the 1920s, predicting that a third reich would follow, and the Nazis got very excited about this terminology.
  • Video: "simpleshow erklärt den Fall der Berliner Mauer"
  • Video: "JFK: Ich bin ein Berliner"
    • Smartasses will sometimes say that this means that Kennedy said he was a jelly donut ("ein Berliner"). This is a myth. Yes, technically the "ein" should be omitted when stating one's city or country of origin - but in this case he was correct to include it for emphasis - and in any case no one would have misunderstood what he meant!
  • Work with the vocab worksheet that was due today
    • Share Collocations/Examples/Mnemonics for Section A
    • Compare answers for Section B
    • Students quiz each other on Section C
    • Read best sentences for Section D to each other; the group translates each sentence.
    • Alternatives: "Around the World" or back-to-back vocab game with Kap 11 chapter vocab (see the instructions at the end of the Stunde 8 outline plan)




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