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Deutsch 102 - Stunde 52 [die Stunde = hour]

Outline plan:

  • 5 Minuten sprechen
  • Role plays
  • Final Exam review sheet!
    • A few sections of the final exam refer to the book Oh, wie schön ist Panama by Janosch, which we read in Deutsch 101. In this book, ein kleiner Bär and ein kleiner Tiger decide that they must go to Panama, after der kleine Bär discovers an empty box from Panama that smells like Bananen. They make a signpost [der Wegweiser] to Panama out of the box and set off, bringing only a few possessions, and die Tiger-Ente, a toy duck painted like a tiger that der kleine Tiger loves. The tiger is good at finding mushrooms (Pilze); other than that, der Bär does most of the work (kochen, angeln usw.). Along the way, they meet various animals, including a fox (der Fuchs) who seems to be getting ready to eat a goose (die Gans) to celebrate his birthday.
    • The "Kultur" section includes a question about Germany's "social market economy." Here are the German and English wikipedia entries about this, or you can just look at the very brief description in Vorsprung, p. 444!




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