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"Es ist besser, falsch zu reden [=sprechen], als richtig zu schweigen [=be silent]." [source unknown]
"With every mistake we must surely be learning." [George Harrison]



Vokabellisten und Übungen

Informationen über die Filme
Final Video Project Mehr Info über die "AMD-Bücher"
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Vokabellisten und Übungen

Use this Flashcard Program to practice Gateway Vokabeln and other vocabulary for the course. Once you've opened the program, click on Options (lower left-hand corner), then Add Cards, then Load pre-made cards, and choose Gateway or other categories. Viel Spass!
Gateway Test You can take the test for practice anytime (no need to click on "submit"). Each time the test loads, you will see a different set of 100 questions. Viel Spaß! Gateway Vocabulary List Downloadable Word Document


Test 1 Vokabeln: see Gateway List above
Test 2 Vokabeln
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Informationen über die Filme

Klicken Sie auf den Film, um mehr Information im Web über den Film zu finden!

Nach fünf im Urwald
[It's a Jungle Out There]
Good Bye Lenin Kebab Connection

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These are just a few good examples of German books you can check out of the LRC.

Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen

Damals war es Friedrich
  • In this course, we will read the "Zeittafel" given at the end of this book, which chronicles the succession of anti-Jewish laws passed by the Nazis, and some of the main events in the history of the Holocaust.
  • The book was written for young adults in 1961, and has won several prizes and been translated into many languages.
  • It tells the story of two young boys who grow up in the same house. Friedrich is Jewish and the narrator is not. The story is built around the "Zeittafel", showing how each of the events listed affects Friedrich, the narrator, and their families.
Peter Schlemihls wundersame Geschichte
  • This is a marvelous story by the Romantic author Adalbert von Chamisso (1781-1838) about Peter Schlemihl, who accidentally sells his shadow to the devil.
Cultural Graded Reader: Heine
  • This book is unfortunately out of print, but we hope you will be able to find a used copy if you're interested in it.
  • The book, written for intermediate students, outlines the eventful life of the poet and journalist Heinrich Heine (1797-1856). This also gives you an insight into the history of Germany after the Napoleonic Wars.
  • You may know Heine's poem "Die Loreley" ("Ich weiß nicht was soll es bedeuten/Daß ich so traurig bin..."), famously put to music by Friedrich Silcher.
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Relevante Links

Schwarzfahrer Schwarzfahren Offiziell heißt der Artikel "Beförderungserschleichung" [literally: obtaining transportation by devious means]!

Schwarzfahrer Blog Ein Blog zum Thema Schwarzfahren!

imdb: Schwarzfahrer Information über den Film im Internet Movie Database

Der Holocaust

Fragen zur Zeittafel zur Geschichte des 2. Weltkriegs

Sites to visit if you are not very familiar with the facts about the Holocaust

Victims of the Holocaust An estimated 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis.  This page, intended as a resource for teachers, provides information about the Nazi persecution of the Jews and about the estimated 5 million other victims of the Holocaust: Poles, Ukrainians, Russians and other Slavs, gypsies, homosexuals, people with disabilities, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, the dissenting clergy, Communists, Socialists, children of African-German descent, and others. 

Sites to visit if you have already learned a lot about the Holocaust

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

USC Shoah Foundation Institute Click on "Testimony Clips" to access video testimonials from Holocaust survivors, or on "Education" and then "Online Exhibits."

Cybrary of the Holocaust This site is a tremendous resource, but confusing to navigate ==> you may want to visit their FAQ page first.

Deutsche Seiten Encyclopaedic German site on the Holocaust. In case this site is down, the German wikipedia entry on the Holocaust is very informative, and includes links to a variety of related sites.

Holocaust-Referenz This German site aims to collect documents that can be used to refute "Holocaust revisionists," i.e. people who claim that the Holocaust never happened (incidentally, it is a crime in Germany to make this claim publicly).

Interview mit Esther Bejarano: "Ich habe Auschwitz überlebt [=survived]." Some images of Auschwitz are included at the beginning of the video of the interview.

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