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Since September 2008, anyone wanting to become a German citizen is required to pass an "Einbürgerungstest." It consists of 33 multiple choice questions chosen at random from an item bank of 310 potential questions (300 apply to Germany as a whole, 10 are particular to the "Land" in which the person is taking the test).

More info:

  • The test, which includes many questions most Germans would have difficulty with, was debated and criticized since its conception. Some critics argue that some of the items are not entirely accurate.
  • One needs to answer 17 questions correctly in order to pass.
  • There is a fee of €25 Euro for taking the test, which can be retaken an unlimited number of times.
  • Those wishing to study for the test can purchase books listing all the possible questions and explaining the correct answers.

Look at this test as follows:

1. To begin with, click here (or here if there is a problem with the .gov link) to take a look at a few sample questions from the test administered for potential immigrants to the United States.

2. Now click here to take a 33-item version of the test, based on a sample test provided by the Bundesministerium des Innern. The following resources may help you in taking this test:

Was ist Deutsch?

Click here to see a poster created by the Auslanderbeauftragte des Senats in Berlin, proposing a very wide range of possible associations with the question "Was ist Deutsch?" Decide with a partner on a few terms that intrigue you and try to find out what they mean, by searching on Google or

  • Please note that the creators of the poster are probably the only people who know what all of these terms refer to ==> your instructor will also not know them all!


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