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Downloadable Resources
Online Resources External Links Used in the Course

Course and Materials Overview

This page is a compilation of downloadable and online resources that may be useful for instructors wishing to teach a course on Mathematical and Scientific German at roughly the fourth-semester college level. The course includes:

  • 6 1-8 page texts accompanied by vocabulary lists and detailed "Think Sheets"
  • 2 visits to local scientific museums, with accompanying worksheets
  • Guest lectures (varying from term to term), such as a Planetarium show, a presentation on nutrition, or a review of arithmetic and geometry
  • "Schnitzeljagden" on Astronomy and the Periodic Table
  • Experiments based on the German TV-Show "Knoff-Hoff," presented by students in groups at midterm
  • Final group presentations on topics students choose, such as the basics of rocket science, beer, Newtonian vs non-Newtonian fluids, dinosaurs, lasers, etc.
  • A "Basic Scientific Vocabulary" (with accompanying exercises), which students must master in the first month of the course
  • Additional vocabulary lists accompanying the readings and guest lectures, and usage information on commonly used words ("Superwörter")
  • Grammar review using the "Interactive Grammar Tutor"
  • Writing assignments for which students assume the identity of a real or imagined scientist, which they develop in the course of the term
  • Practice in finding and reading scientific articles online

Only resources used specifically for this course are listed on this page; resources used more generally in our courses such as the "Interactive Grammar Tutor," the "German on the Web" link list, information on learning strategies etc., are available on the general resource page.

Please use the "Contact/Feedback" link in the sidebar for questions and comments, or to inquire about incorporating any materials from this site in materials for commercial use.

Downloadable Resources

Click on the links to download the Word files. Feel free to use and edit them to suit your needs. Please use the "Contact/Feedback" link in the sidebar if you have trouble downloading something, if something you'd like to download isn't here, or if you'd like me to mail you a copy of one or more of the articles listed below.

  • Sample Lesson Plans from Winter 2001
  • Schnitzeljagden
    • Astronomie
    • Die periodische Tabelle Works best in conjunction with some laminated German-language periodic tables. One possible source: Fluck, Ekkehard / Heumann, Klaus Gustav. Periodensystem der Elemente. 3. Auflage. Weinheim: Wiley VCH, 2002. ISBN 3-527-30716-8. Price is € 7.90 each plus shipping; 13 would be enough for a class of 25 students. URL for Wiley VCH is
  • "Think Sheets" & Vocabulary Lists for Reading Assignments
  • Miscellaneous Vocabulary Lists
  • Sample Museum Worksheets
  • Knoff-Hoff Experiment Summaries
    • Bibliographic Information: Joachim Bublath. 100 x Knoff hoff. Die interessantesten Experimente, Tricks und Kunststücke. München: Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, 1995.
  • "Other"
    • Ewiger Kalender These are instructions for doing a "perpetual calendar trick," i.e. calculating the day of the week for any date in the 20th century (and instructions for a slight modification for dates in the 19th or 21st century). This works well on a day when you're discussing arithmetic and "Textaufgaben." A natural assignment once you've demonstrated how it works is to have students figure out the day of the week on which they were born.
    • Kennenlernen This transparency works well as an ice-breaker on the first day. Includes questions like "Wer ist ihr Lieblingswissenschaftler?" and "Würden Sie gern geklont werden?"
    • Wissenschaftliche Zitate Miscellaneous provocative scientific quotes, great as discussion starters. E.g.: "Wußten Sie schon, daß Spinnen jahrelang ohne Marmelade leben können, wenn man ihnen täglich eine Traubenzuckerlösung injiziert?" "Als Arzt an das Leben nach dem Tode glauben muß schrecklich sein." "Der moderne Mensch hat sich auf den Operationstisch der Wissenschaft geschnallt; er ist jetzt Operierter und Operateur zugleich." etc.

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Online Resources

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Writing Assignments for the Semester

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External Links Used in the Course

Link Lists

Invaluable Resources

  • LEO Online Dictionary Excellent online dictionary for scientific and technical terminology.
  • APA W&B-Kostprobe Science Week Click here and then select "Science Week" in the left hand menu bar. Fantastic site with a wide selection of short and readable articles on current scientific news updated daily. Sort of a National Enquirer for science, presenting articles that will catch your eye, like "Großer Hintern macht Affen unwiderstehlich" or "Herzkranke brauchen keine Angst vor Sex zu haben," but also lots of serious scientific news.
  • idw - Das idw Serviceangebot A great service providing you directly with press releases with cutting-edge research news from many of the major research institutions in Germany. On your first visit, click on the right hand side of the page on "persönlichen Zugang anlegen & Abo abschließen" in order to subscribe to their email listserv. Fill out the form with your personal information; then check your areas of interest on the following page--you'll only be sent news releases relevant to those areas of interest. I'd recommend you choose the option of receiving the news in digest form. If you don't want to get regular messages from them, just go to their archive (by entering via your "persönlicher idw-Zugang" and then clicking on "Recherche im Nachrichtenarchiv") and browse the links there or search for a specific topic.

Some Other Great Sites

  • Deutsches Museum München This is a great museum, and the site is very comprehensive. Click here for a ready-made online worksheet on this site. Students can work on this in pairs for one class hour.
  • Fantastic site about windpower, made in Denmark, but the German is flawless. Includes a very well-made 28-minute online video about wind power, in very clear German that will be quite easily comprehensible for students who have read a short introductory text about wind power.
  • Die Geschichte des Kosmos in 200 oder weniger Worten A great "Diskussionsanstoß": have students expand on the terms listed here. Some will be too complicated for the average student ("Dichtestörungen. Rekombination. Schwarzkörperstrahlung. Lokale Kontraktion."), but everyone will have something to say about many of them (e.g. this sequence at the end: "Mondlandungen. Ruecktritt. Computerisierung. Welthandelsorganisation. Terrorismus. Internetausbreitung. Wiedervereinigung. Auflösung. World-Wild-Web Einrichtung. Zusammenstellung. Extrapolation.")
  • Liste berühmter Erfinder
  • Frauen in der Physik

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