Solararchitekur: Vokabelliste

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speichern to store (energy, supplies, data); to save (data)
die Heizung; heizen heating, heater; to heat (buildings, vehicles)
der Strahl, -en; strahlen ray (e.g. of light; usually used in the plural for electromagnetic rays, lasers, radiation etc.); to radiate
kurzwellig; langwellig short wave; long wave
Energie sparen to save/conserve energy
der Verlust, -e loss
der Beton concrete
der Ziegelstein, -e, der Ziegel brick
der Lehm clay
die Wärmedämmung insulation
die Wärmeleitfähigkeit heat conductivity
der Schaum, ¨- foam
ein•setzen to deploy (as in: to use) [use this with abstract terms like "Wissen," "Methoden" or "Mittel" [=means], with police or military resources [e.g. Atomwaffen, Tränengas, Truppen [=troops], die Polizei], or with energy or machinery considered in the context as a resource [e.g. Solarenergie, Busse]
konsequent rigorous, consistent [in the sense of rigorously or consistently acting with a specific goal in mind]
gewinnen, gewann, hat gewonnen to harvest a resource (energy, oil etc.); to win
günstig favorable [==> depending on the context this can mean e.g. energy efficient, cheap, etc.]
schräg aslant, at an angle, tilted etc.
eventuell possibly [NOT eventually]
gängig currently prevalent, in standard use
etwas schaffen to manage to get something done [can also be used for creating works of art; "erschaffen" is used for the creation of the world]
sich bewähren to prove one's effectiveness/worth
senkrecht zu (liegen) (to lie) perpendicular to


die Sonneneinstrahlung incident solar radiation
das Vordach, ¨-er projecting roof, canopy
die Blende, -n illusionistic façade feature [see wikipedia]
Fensterläden [pl.] window shutters
die Rollläden German style roll-down wooden/vinyl shutters
die Abschattung, -en provision of shade for a building by means of walls, other buildings, trees, etc.
die Isolierverglasung double glazing (for insulation)
die Wärmeschutzverglasung double glazed windows with a "low-emissivity" coating of e.g. silver on the inner pane, which lets visible light pass through but prevents infrared light from leaving
der Wintergarten, ¨- garden conservatory ("glassy" addition to a house; primarily for plants)
die Auslegung layout, design
Trombe-Wand Trombe Wall
das Thermosiphonsystem Thermosiphon system