Werkstoffliches Kunststoffrecycling: Vokabelliste

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das Recycling, die Wiederverwertung recycling
werkstoffliches Recycling recycling that produces new materials without altering the chemical composition of the recycled materials
rohstoffliches Recycling recycling that produces new raw materials by simplifying the chemical composition of the recycled materials
recyceln to recycle [industrially or privately]
wieder verwerten to recycle [used in industrial/economic contexts; can't use this to say "I recycle"]
wieder aufbereiten, die Wiederaufbereitung to recycle, to reprocess nuclear waste for reuse [used in industrial/economic contexts; can't use this to say "I recycle"]
seinen Müll trennen ["ich trenne meinen Müll"] to recycle [privately]
wieder verwenden; die Wiederverwendung to reuse; reuse
der Kunststoff, -e plastic, synthetic material
der Rohstoff, -e raw material
die Verpackung, -en packaging
der Abfall, ¨-e; der Müll garbage, trash
verwerten; die Verwertung to make use of, to exploit; utilization, exploitation [used specifically with things like ideas, data and inventions on the one hand, and things like leftovers, byproducts and garbage on the other hand]
das Granulat, -e pellets, granulate material
das Gehäuse, - casing
sortieren to sort
trennen to separate
das Sieb, -; sieben sieve, strainer; to pass something through a sieve, to sift, to strain
der Magnet, -e or -en magnet
das Eisen iron
das Metall, -e metal
das Aluminium alumin(i)um
die Pappe cardboard
der Karton, -s cardboard box
das Styropor styrofoam
das Erzeugnis, -se (industrial) product
her•stellen to produce, manufacture
schmelzen, er/sie/es schmilzt, schmolz, hat/ist geschmolzen to melt
das Gemisch; mischen, vermischen mixture; to mix
die Mühle, -n; mahlen, mahlte, hat gemahlen mill; to grind (as in a mill, i.e. for making things smaller, not e.g. for grinding one's teeth or grinding a knife)
die Schwerkraft gravity, gravitational force
die Zentrifugalkraft, ¨-e; die Zentripetalkraft, ¨-e centrifugal force; centripetal force
die Dichte density
erhalten, er/sie/es erhält, erhielt, hat erhalten to conserve, to preserve; to receive [more formal than "bekommen" in this sense]
zusätzlich in addition
stet, stetig; stets continuous, steady (in the sense of: continuous); always
der Aufwand; aufwändig [old spelling: aufwendig] expenditure of money or other resources; costly, elaborate, lavish
verschmutzt contaminated, soiled, polluted
verzichten auf to do without, to forgo
anschließend subsequently
die Stufe, -n step


der Windsichter, - air separator [i.e. a separator that uses a blower]
die Störstoffe foreign or undesirable objects/substances [in the recycling context]
der Wirbelstromscheider, - Wirbel = whirl, eddy; Wirbelstrom = a turbulent flow of air; Wirbelstromscheider = a separator that employs a turbulent flow of air
das Trommelsieb, -e sieve or strainer in the form of a drum
der Verbundstoff, -e composite material
der Ballen, - bale
sortenrein unmixed
an•fallen, er/sie/es fällt an, fiel an, ist angefallen to accrue, to accumulate; conjugated with "haben," it also means "to attack," and is used especially for animals attacking people, or for people attacking each other brutally
das Ausgangsprodukt, -e the initial product [analogous to: die Ausgangssituation, the initial situation]
die Kunststoffleiste, -n plastic rail
verdreckt filthy, dirty (worse than "schmutzig")
die Scherkraft, ¨-e shearing force
anteilig proportionate, proportional(ly)
das Bindemittel, - adhesive or bonding agent
das Duromer duromer, thermosetting plastic [this type of plastic hardens permanently after an initial application of heat when it is produced, and cannot be remoulded, unlike thermoplastic plastic]