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Case Overviews
Diagnostic Exercises (check if you've mastered this topic!)

You will be asked 20 questions. IF YOU GET A QUESTION WRONG, KEEP TRYING UNTIL YOU GET IT RIGHT. THE PROGRAM WILL ONLY CALCULATE YOUR SCORE IF YOU HAVE ANSWERED ALL THE QUESTIONS. Incorrect guesses will reduce your score. When you are finished, click "Submit" if you are satisfied with your score. Remember you need a score of at least 80% in order to get a "check" for this assignment.

Practice Exercises
Case Overview--Standard Version Case Overview II: Why is the Noun in the Sentence?


The practice exercises on this page are primarily compiled from other websites ==> please use the Contact/Feedback link in the navigation bar on the left to let me know if any of the links stops working, so I can update or delete it! Some of the exercises below are rather detailed, whereas this page is just designed to provide a general overview of case ==> don't be too concerned if something seems very unfamiliar to you, but do ask your instructor about it.

  • In particular, a number of the exercises below deal with prepositions and strong/verb/weak verb pairs. These will be explained in more detail on the Prepositions page on this site, but you can get a good preliminary review of prepositions by trying these exercises!

Exercises NOT taken from other websites

  • Dativ: Was ist logisch? Helps you recognize the dative case and build a basic understanding its use with verbs that take both direct (accusative) and indirect (dative) objects.
  • Filmtitel mit Genitiv Educational infotainment :)  Practice the Genitive by translating titles of some popular movies.  The second of these asks you to translate into German and is quite difficult; use the "Nächster richtiger Buchstabe" button if you're stuck on e.g. an adjective ending.
  • Cumulative practice: Was ist richtig?

Exercises from other websites

1. Handouts and exercises created by Nancy Thuleen. Many of these are accompanied by an answer sheet ("Lösungsblatt").

2. Übungen auf der Treffpunkt Deutsch Webseite:

3. Übungen auf der Neue Horizonte Webseite:

  • Kapitel 2: Try the exercises "Accusative Case" [note the first item is actually Nominative, since the verb is "sein" - but the others really are all Accusative] and "Possessive Adjectives" [most of these are Nominative, but a5, 7 and 8 are Accusative]
  • Kapitel 4: Try the exercise "More uses of the Accusative Case"
  • Kapitel 5: Try the exercises "Dative Case," "Dative Personal Pronouns," and "Prepositions with the Dative Case"
  • Kapitel 6: Try the exercises "Two-way Prepositions" and "Masculine N-Nouns"
  • Kapitel 7: Try the exercises "Der-Words and Ein-Words," "Verbs with Dative objects," "Personal Dative," and "Verbs with two-way Prepositions"
  • Kapitel 8: Try the exercises "Genitive Case" and "Prepositions with the Genitive Case"

4. Übungen auf der Deutsch Heute Webseite [as of 11/2013, these exercises do work on a Mac using Chrome, although a webpage comes up with the title "webpage not available"]


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