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Superwörter Zusammenfassung

Superwörter alphabetisch

als Superwörter II
also Superwörter II
auch Superwörter IV
bei Superwörter II
da Superwörter III
damit Superwörter I
dieser Superwörter I
doch Superwörter V
echt Superwörter VI
eigentlich Superwörter VI
erst Superwörter IV
ersterer Superwörter I
gelangen Superwörter III
gelingen Superwörter III
gelten Superwörter III
gemäß Superwörter I
ja Superwörter VI
je Superwörter IV
jener Superwörter I
laut Superwörter I
letzterer Superwörter I
nach Superwörter I
nämlich Superwörter V
neben Superwörter V
noch Superwörter III
so (according to) Superwörter I
so (in general) Superwörter II
so daß Superwörter I
überhaupt Superwörter VI
um Superwörter I
um...zu Superwörter I
unter Superwörter V
während Superwörter II
wohl Superwörter VI
zu Superwörter III
zufolge Superwörter I
zwar Superwörter V

Superwörter Zusammenfassung

Superwörter I
damit 1. with it, with that
2. (anticipatory da-compound)

3. so that
so daß so that (as a result)
um...zu in order to, to
nach here: according to
laut here: according to
gemäß here: according to
zufolge according to
so here: according to
um 1. um...zu = according to (see above)
2. at (4 o'clock etc.)

3. around (physically) (often with "herum")

4. around (in the sense of "roughly")

5. by (for changes in numerical values, e.g. "by 5 degrees")

6. used with various prepositional verbs
es geht um; es handelt sich um 1. "It's about..." (for stating e.g. the topic of an article or a movie) [ONLY Use "In dem Artikel geht es um..." (or possibly "Der Artikel handelt von") to state the topic of an article; do not use "In dem Artikel handelt es sich um..."]
2. "It's a matter of..." (for stating what's at stake)
je...desto; so; the...the (+comparatives)
jener the former
dieser the latter
ersterer the former
letzterer the latter
Superwörter II
als 1. when (completed past events)
2. than (with comparatives)

3. as (but not as in "X is as big as Y")
nichts als nothing but
um so...als the more/all the...because/as
als (ob) as if
während 1. while (conjunction)
2. during (preposition)
bei 1. near, at (location)
2. at (a certain temperature or pressure)

3. in the case of, during (some process), at (as in the previous sense of "during"), in the process of
so 1. in this manner, like this
2. then (after a conditional clause)

3. so much, so very

4. does NOT mean "so" in the sense of "thus"
so...wie (e.g. "as tall as")
so ein such a
also 1. thus
2. does NOT mean "also"
Superwörter III
da 1. because, since (in the sense of "because"), as (in the sense of "because")
2. there 

3. at that time, then
zu 1. to (location)
2. to (infinitive)

3. too (as in "too much")

4. closed (as in "the door is closed")

5. may indicate quantity (often a percentage or fraction)

6. may indicate a ratio or numerical relationship

7. may indicate the result of a process

8. with (in the sense of a supplement or a complementing addition)

9. at (primarily in the expression "zu Hause")

10. may indicate mode of transportation (especially "zu Fuß," "zu Pferd")
noch 1. until this point in time
2. still (to indicate something is still going on)

3. (with comparatives:) still, even (in the sense of "still more," "even more")
noch nicht not yet
noch nie never (yet) (i.e. not until now)
noch immer, immer noch still (to indicate something is still going on)
Was noch? What else?
noch ein another
weder...noch neither...nor
gelten 1. to be valid
2. to be aimed at someone/something (with dative)
gelten als to be considered 
gelten für to apply to, to be valid for
gelingen to succeed
gelangen to reach (a destination), to arrive (somewhere), to get to
Superwörter IV
je 1. ever
2. each, per
je...desto, so, the...the (+comparatives)
je nach; je nachdem depending on, in accordance with
erst 1. first
2. only (in the sense of "not until," "not before," "only recently")

3. so far...only (with respect to quantities)
auch 1. also
2. even (as in: "even he...," "even at this temperature," "even in the USA" etc.)

3. whoever, whatever etc. (when combined with the respective question word)

4. flavoring particle expressing annoyance or expressing doubt in questions
Superwörter V
zwar it may be true that..., although...
und zwar in fact, actually, to be specific
doch 1. contradicts negative statements or questions
2. nevertheless

3. but (rhetorical)

4. flavoring particle meaning "after all" or expressing impatience, irritation etc.
nämlich 1. namely
2. for (in the sense of "for the fact is that")

3. (archaic) the same (adjective)
unter 1. underneath
2. among
neben 1. beside
2. besides
Superwörter VI
eigentlich 1. real, actual (adjective)
2. really, actually (weaker than "wirklich")

3. flavoring particle in questions, expressing curiosity, interest or irritation
wirklich real, really (stronger than "eigentlich")
echt genuine, real
überhaupt 1. at all
2. in general

3. flavoring particle in questions, expressing curiosity, interest or irritation
ja 1. after all
2. flavoring particle implying "Wow!" or "Oh my!"

3. Flavoring particle used to threaten danger
wohl 1. probably
2. it may be true that..., although... (if followed by "aber" or one of its synonyms)
wohl aber but (emphatic contrast following a prior negation)



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