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Text to Speech Setup Instructions for Mac OS 10.6
1. Open System Preferences (in the Applications folder).
2. Within System Preferences, go to the Speech section. Speech has a microphone icon. It should be on the second row from the bottom in the System Preferences window.
3. When the Speech pane opens, you'll find two buttons or tabs at the top. The first reads "Speech Recognition" and the second reads "Text to Speech." Click Text to Speech.
4. On this pane, there are 3 checkboxes. The 3rd checkbox reads, "Speak selected text when key is pressed." Check that checkbox, which causes the "Set Key…" button to become available.
5. Press the "Set Key…" button. It will pop up a window which provides instructions for how to set a particular key combination to speak a highlighted selection of text. I use 'command+0' for no particular reason. Hit OK when you've set your key sequence.
6. Returning to the speech pane, there is a dropdown box near the top of the pane that allows you to change the voice. iVox comes with 3 German voices: Sarah, Julia, and Klaus. You may need to click "Show More Voices" in that list to see the options in Deutsch.


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