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German on the Web
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Deutsch 100, Deutsch 101, Deutsch 102, Deutsch 103, Deutsch 221/231, Deutsch 232 (Scientific), Deutsch 326 (Engineering) usw...

A comprehensive collection of links organized by categories, under the general headings "Language Learning & Reference Resources," "Media: Live TV & Radio, Newspapers & Magazines," and "Links by Subject Area."

Interactive Grammar Tutor

Summaries, detailed explanations, extensive examples, practice exercises and diagnostic exercises for all the basic aspects of German grammar.

Access to vocabulary lists with practice exercises for German 100-326, and to miscellaneous other lists of basic/useful vocabulary.

Help & Resources for UofM Students

Dept of Germanic Languages and Literatures
Max Kade German Residence
University of Michigan German Club
Conversation Practice Opportunities
German Movies at the LRC
German Movies at Askwith Media Library

LRC Free Reading Library Catalog
Das Deutschlabor
Learning Strategies & Motivation
Self-Study Advice
Tutor List

Conversation Practice Opportunities
Pronunciation Practice Links

Essay Correction Symbols and Grading Scheme For 200-level courses.
Writing in German without Thinking in English
Essay Writing Checklist
Advice on Using a Dictionary Includes some practice exercises!
Grammar and Usage Advice Written for students at the 200- and 300-level.
Umlaute und ß auf amerikanischen Computern

Quick/Fun Links

German Joke of the Day
Die Tagesschau Click on "Videos & Audios" at the top and choose "Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden" or "Tagesschau 20 Uhr" to watch the German news!
SWR3 Webradio Click on "SWR3 live hören" to switch on the live broadcast
Die Sportschau Online
Step into German! [Google it!] Great intro to contemporary German music (& film, soccer)
Die Bibel
University of Iowa Phonetics Site

Our goal is to make as many as possible of the resources created for this site available for German students and teachers throughout the world. For that purpose, we have created this resource page, which contains links to all of the resources on this site that are of general interest, such as the "Interactive Grammar Tutor," the "German on the Web" link collection, essay writing and grading information (including instructions for typing "Umlaute"), a summary of Reading Strategies, Self-Study Advice and advice on Learning Strategies, etc. As soon as it becomes usable, a link will appear on the Resources page to an extensive image database which we are currently compiling.

Great Work by UofM Students Online
Click here to see some great work by UM Students online
German Department wins LSA Student Government's 2018 Departmental Excellence Award
The Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures was awarded the LSA Student Government's 2018 Departmental Excellence Award, awarded each year to one LSA department on the basis of student nominations and surveys. The department also won this award in 2002, 2004, and 2011! Click here to see some of the student comments on which the 2004 award was based.
German Department wins the LSA Department Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education
The Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures was awarded the College of LS&A's Department Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education. Click here for more information about the award (which the department has won once before, in 1996).

Weekend Update
Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.


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