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Wie kann ich allein Deutsch lernen?

Here is some advice for those of you who would like to learn some German on your own.  It is divided into two sections:

Please note: Both of the pages below were written some time ago. If you notice errors or out of date information, please use the Contact/Feedback link in the navigation bar on the left to let me know or suggest changes!
Ideas for students who are trying to learn German for the first time Ideas for students who have previously studied German at the University of Michigan or elsewhere

These pages were written assuming you are in Ann Arbor and have access to the University of Michigan, but most of this advice could obviously be applied anywhere.

Both sections contain a wide variety of ideas, and you should be able to find lots of things to do that you will really enjoy.  Learning a language means rediscovering the world through the perspective of another language and culture, and few things could be more fun than that.  If you enjoy yourself, you will stick with it and learn easily; if you turn it into a chore, you will hate it, learn much more slowly, and probably eventually give up.

Also: [=So:] Viel Spaß!!


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