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General Advice

General Language Learning Advice

Short quiz on language learning strategies, German 101 course procedures, and a few basic expressions.

Self-Study Advice

Keeping Up With German In Spring/Summer

Advice for learning German on your own

Advice on buying and using a dictionary A short summary. More detailed advice on using a dictionary, oriented somewhat towards essay-writing, is under "Schreiben" below.

Catching up in German 101/102/103

Preparing for German 102

Preparing for German 231

Schreiben (Writing)

Writing in German without Thinking in English

Essay Writing Checklist

Advice on Using a Dictionary Includes some practice exercises!

Grammar and Usage Advice Written for students at the 200- and 300-level.

Lesen (Reading)

Reading Strategies

Hören (Listening)

Listening Practice Ideas


Vocabulary Learning Strategies


Maybe you should chew gum in class?


You will learn much more effectively if you are motivated. Take a look at some of the sites below and compile your own list of reasons why you want to study German. Then use this list to set yourself some concrete goals for today, for this week, for this semester, and for the longer term!

Why Study German 12 great reasons Website produced by the Goethe Institut providing a wide variety of motivational materials / reasons to study German.

"Deutsch nach Englisch" Posters Here you can download scaled down versions of three posters created by the Goethe Institut Inter Nationes, listing in alphabetical order a range of German-English cognates (i.e. words that are very similar in both languages). You can also order the complete series of six posters.

Herr Masemann's Homepage The videos on the front page of this site include eloquent statements from students at other universities on why they are studying German.

Ten Reasons to Learn German A compact summary compiled by the Goethe Institut

Why We Should Learn German Eloquent article by the best-selling novelist John Le Carré (The Spy Who Came in from the Cold etc.), written in 2017, shortly after the "Brexit" vote.

Rationale for the language requirement in the College of LS&A at the University of Michigan


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