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Finding Conversation Partners

Finding Email/Chat Partners

  • A social networking site for people trying to learn languages. Allows you to chat with people who speak the language you're trying to learn and who are trying to learn the language you speak. Also allows you to do exercises (both written and spoken), and connects you with native speakers who critique what you've done.
  • The Mixxer Find language partners and talk to them via Skype.
  • Tandem Email Partner Info  A great free internet service that helps you find German-speaking email partners.  Sometimes you have to try it a few times before you get a partner who writes back regularly, but it always works!
  • Deutsche Post's Letternet The link actually takes you to the page that explains what Letternet is and how to use it; from there you can get to the actual LetterNet website. Letternet allows you to find "traditional" pen pals to whom you would actually still write letters, and it is very efficiently organized by Deutsche Post!
  • Treffpunkt Deutsch Website Info on finding Email partners  [Choose any chapter from the chapter menu near the top of the page, then click on "Briefkasten" and follow one of the links] An excellent collection of resources for finding email partners for students and teachers!
  • E-Pal/Penpal Info
  • Pen Pals in German A service provided by Mathias Adelhoefer; free for learners of German (as opposed to native speakers, who pay a fee).  Ask your instructor or stop by the German Lab if you need help filling out the form!
  • Cyberfriends This electronic pen pal service invites you to fill in the on-line application to list your profile so that you can find a pen pal with similar interests for professional or personal contact.
  • studivz Die deutsche Version von facebook! Eigentlich kein Emailpartnerservice, aber vielleicht können Sie hier deutsche Chat-Freunde finden... Klicken Sie auf "Immatrikulieren", um einen "Account" zu bekommen.

Chat Sites

  • jetzt-Chat (mit Tutoren!) The main page includes info on when tutors (from the Universität Gießen, which hosts this site) are present in the chat room, but you can enter anytime. Follow the link to the "Weltzeituhr" to translate the German times into your local time. You can pick a username spontaneously, or you can register your username for free.
  • German Chat Moderated chat available on a set schedule as described on the website.
  • ICQ Deutschland-Chat Look for "Deutschland-Chat" under Chat > Countries.



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