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Buying German Books, Films, Music etc.
  • Like its US counterpart, sells pretty much everything, and will ship it to the US for a relatively affordable shipping fee. Warning: to play videos and DVDs purchased directly from Germany, you will need a multistandard VCR/DVD-player!
  • Purchase Germanic Materials (Music, Books, Film, Gifts) Online A list of links to websites selling German stuff. The link takes you to a grammar summary about pronouns, so follow the following steps to get to the page with the links to websites selling German materials:
    1. click on Web Links at the bottom of the menu on the left
    2. then scroll to the bottom of the pulldown menu on the right (i.e. past the "Info on Switzerland") and click on "Purchase Online."
  • Website selling German children's books, games etc.--lots of great materials for learning German the fun way :)
  • Website selling remaindered books at a discount. Will deliver all over the world.
  • - Alles, was es im Internet umsonst gibt! Info on free stuff available on the Web
  • Otto-Versand Homepage Der Otto-Versand only delivers products within Germany, but this is a universal catalog like the old Sears catalog, and so this site is linked here to give you an overview of what one can buy in Germany, and what it costs.
  • IBIS (International Book Import Service) "We provide bookstores, libraries, schools, and individuals in the Americas (and other parts of the world, too) with the best service in German books. We can provide any title published in Germany either from our inventory or by special order. With our experience and expertise in German books and using state-of-the-art bibliographic resources, we can help you find the books you need."
  • Schoenhof's Foreign Books "Founded in 1856, Schoenhof’s Foreign Books serves educational institutions, libraries, bookstores, companies, and individuals. With a retail store in Harvard Square and comprehensive distribution, mail order, and special order services, Schoenhof’s offers the largest selection of foreign-language books in North America."
  • New Mastodon, Books & Fine Art "New Mastodon, an independent bookstore in the heart of Museum Row on Wilshire Boulevard in the Miracle Mile District of Los Angeles, carries German and English titles and offers an excellent Special Order Service for imports from Germany and, to a limited extent, publications from other European countries. Expect two to three weeks delivery time for titles not found on this site if they are carried by our German distributor. We are gradually increasing our web presence and encourage inquiries about availability of books in German and other European languages not found here.


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