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Landeskunde allgemein [=in general]


Tourismus & Geographie


Dialekte und Schwyzerdütsch

Landeskunde allgemein [=in general]

  • Statistisches Bundesamt: Zahlen & Fakten Fantastic site with all manner of official statistics about Germany
  • The German Way A plethora of information on all aspects of everyday German culture.  Perhaps sometimes to be taken with a grain of salt, but overall a wonderful resource.
  • Goethe Institut Great resource for lanhguage instruction and cultural info about Germany
  • Collaboration of the German embassy and consulates, and the German Information Center. Offers all kinds of political and cultural information and news.
  • American-German Cross-Cultural Consulting Click on "Artikel/Articles" to see a list of downloadable articles on topics such as "US-German Communication Styles" etc. There are also articles on countries other than Germany. Most are by the website's author, Patrick Schmidt. You can also order his books on cross-cultural differences from the site.
  • Study in Germany Official site with info on student life and resources for studying in Germany.
  • CIA World Factbook What the CIA wants you to know about Germany and the rest of the world :)


Homepages der politischen Parteien im Deutschen Bundestag

Homepages von einigen Parteien, die im Moment nicht im Bundestag sind

  • FDP Freie Demokratische Partei
  • Piratenpartei Deutschland Grew out of an interest in protecting internet freedom
  • DKP Deutsche Kommunistische Partei
  • Republikaner Right-wing radical party that had a surge of popularity in the 80s, but is now generally out of the headlines.  Less radical than NPD and DVU; not related to the U.S. Republican Party.
  • Tierschutz Partei Tierschutz = Protection of animals
  • NPD Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands.  The oldest of the right-wing radical parties.
  • Bündnis C Coalition of "Christian" parties

Homepages der politischen Parteien in Österreich

Tourismus & Geographie


City Homepages


  • Zeitklicks Great site, made for kids, that lets you click through timelines ("Zeitstrahl"), text, images and videos on 20th century German history. Click on "Hilfe" at the top to get an overview. Or click the arrow on the right to choose a time period, and then play around. Note also the "Teste dich" and other options that appear at the bottom of the screen once you've chosen a time period.
  • Lebendiges Museum Online Online museum of German history since 1900.  A fantastic site!
    • Zeitstrahl = timeline; Zeitzeugen = "witnesses of the time" ==> this tab gets you to a collection of first-person accounts; Bestand = inventory, holdings ==> this gets you to an inventory of resources available on the site, incl. Note in particular the "Biografien" and "Videos" options.
  • German History in Documents and Images Awesome collection of primary source materials documenting Germany's political, social, and cultural history from 1500 to the present. It comprises original German texts, all of which are accompanied by new English translations, and a wide range of visual imagery. Site can be navigated in German or English.
  • Deutsches historisches Museum Berlin


Dialekte & Schwyzerdütsch

  • Just click on a marker in the region you're interested in and then listen to the sample sentences for that region!
  • Deutsche Dialekte A list of links for each dialect. If a target link is broken, just scroll down the page. Most of the links lead to written information, and some of the "real" links are broken, but this is a great starting point for exploring the various German dialects.
  • Atlas zur deutschen Alltagssprache Brilliant overview of regional language variations. Click on "Erste Runde," "Zweite Runde" etc. on the left to see the various terms covered in each "round" of the project. Clicking on a term shows you the geographical distribution of the variants of that term. The maps are less detailed than for the Spiegel Dialekt-Quiz below, but this project covers many more terms.
  • Spiegel Dialekt-Quiz Germans can take this quiz about how they would say various things and get a surprisingly accurate short-list of guesses as to where they are from. As a non-native speaker, it's fun to take the quiz and enter fake answers just to see the questions and possible answers. Click here to see the overall results of the survey. The results are shown on the map in the MIDDLE of the article. Use the arrows at the top of the map to navigate between terms.
  • Deutsche Welle Dialektatlas Click on the dialect you're interested in to see a page with various articles related to it, and a 15-20 minute audio "report" with samples of the dialect
  • "Deutschsprachige Wörterbücher" List of German-language dictionaries on various specialized topics--primarily dialects.
  • Sprechen Sie Wienerisch? A small online dictionary of Viennese expressions ("aber kein Dialektwörterbuch," it says), including a special "Kulinarisches Wörterbuch."

Schwyzerdütsch [Note that there is a LOT of regional variation between the various Swiss German dialects - even in the term "Schwyzerdütsch" itself!]

Andere Dialekte

  • WIKITONGUES Texas German Great example, very comprehensible. Note her use of "mir" for "wir," which is also typical of dialects in southern Germany and in the Rhineland.


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