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Deutschsprachige Videos, Radio, Podcasts und Fernsehen im Web

Radio & Podcasts Online

Video & TV Online

  • Das deutsche Youtube-Portal. Die meisten Videos sind Englisch, aber es gibt auch viele deutsche Videos.
  • Complete episodes of TV-Shows; mainly focused on comedies/humor.
  • This is one of Germany's two main television news programs (the other is "heute," which you can explore at The "20:00 Uhr" version is the "standard" 15-minute news program, but you can also find 5-minute versions, or "Die Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden."
  • German Internet Television Awesome compilation of links to livestreams from stations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Another great compilation of links to livestreams from various German TV sites. The link takes you directly to their listing of German live TV sites. If it breaks, you can get there via their homepage at
  • ZDFtivi Mediathek Long list of video clips of kids' shows available online from one of Germany's main TV stations
  • Online TV Recorder Register (for free) and then select German TV programs you want to record. You have to agree to receive their newsletters, and not to share the recordings illegally. I haven't tried this ==> am not sure if you should be weary of any unexpected charges. Let me know if it works and if I should add any more info about it here!
  • SaveTV Another online TV recorder that allows you to select German TV programs you want to record, and then watch them on your computer. You can test the service for free for 2 weeks, and then sign up to continue it for €5-10/month (depending on how long you commit for). I haven't tried this ==> am not sure if you should be weary of any unexpected charges. Let me know if it works and if I should add any more info about it here!
  • Enjoy live and on-demand German language television broadcasts from Europe.  News, business and sports telecasts are available from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Deutsche Welle TV See below for some more info on Deutsche Welle
  • ORF TVTHEK Video on demand from the main Austrian TV station, ORF.

Info about German TV stations available in the LRC or on UMTV:

  • University of Michigan Language Resource Center Satellite Television Info Information on Foreign Language Programming Available in the LRC and on UMTV. The LRC currently receives German programming from the following stations; click on the links to see their schedules and more info:
    • Deutsche Welle (DW-TV), which offers a variety of programs made for international broadcast, including
      • Journal, a daily news program
      • popXport, which brings you the buzz from the German music scene every other week
      • Bundesliga Kick off!, a weekly Bundesliga soccer report
      • Made in Germany, an inside look at the German and European business world
      • motor mobil, a car show aired during the Bundesliga off-season
      • Projekt Zukunft, on new developments in science and technology
    • ProSiebenSat.1Welt, a channel combining offerings of the German cable channels ProSieben and Sat1, including
      • feature films and mini-series
      • TV series and sitcoms
      • documentary series
      • Bundesliga soccer programming
    • ... and from a newer station, "German Kino Plus," which offers
      • current and classic feature films
      • Tatort, a long-running crime series with rotating police investigators
      • romantic TV movies, mini series and dramas
      • historical documentaries and travel series

Radio & Podcasts Online


Lists of Stations

Specific Stations

  • Radio Goethe Government funded, yet "hip" station presenting exclusively German, Austrian and Swiss musicians and bands
  • Radio Austria International Austrian radio station
  • Radio Energy Austrian radio station
  • Antenne Wien Austrian radio station.  Real audio link doesn't work in Netscape 4.
  • FM4 Austrian radio station
  • Austrian radio station
  • WDR Online.  To go directly to their radio news, click here and then click on the play icon to hear the news that you can see printed on the screen.  Or click here to get to the "Kinderradiokanal" (Kiraka) where you can listen, for example, to the "Nachrichten für Kinder," simplified news for children, which actually also gives a lot of useful background info on the news stories which tends to be omitted from German news more than it is from American news. Click on the heading below each clip to read a paraphrase of what's being said.


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