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Deutscher Bildungsserver This comprehensive site for and about schools in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and worldwide includes links to many individual schools, teaching and study materials, a chatroom, links to "Schulzeitungen" and school radio stations, etc.

University of Michigan Sites

  • University of Michigan foosball club Why is this "German-related"? Because foosball (known there as "Kicker" or "Tischfußball") is a popular barroom game in German-speaking countries, and people there are very good at it, so you need to practice, practice, practice. Note there's free foosball in the Michigan Union pool room Mondays 7-9!


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  • The Hunger Site  Click a button on this website and somewhere in the world a hungry person gets a meal to eat at no cost to you.  The food is paid for by corporate sponsors. All you do is go to the site and click.  You can do this once per day.  Please note the Hunger Site policy on spam emails: "The Hunger Site respectfully requests that people do not send unsolicited messages promoting the Hunger Site to people they do not know, or post inappropriately to newsgroups or in other places. We understand that this is being done with good intentions. However, anything that is regarded as unsolicited spam is not helping our cause and in fact is hurting it, as it is alienating the good people who might otherwise come to the Hunger Site.  The Hunger Site itself does absolutely no e-mail marketing or newsgroup posting at all for just this reason."
  • Michigan Elvisfest Takes place annually in July.  Come to Depot Town in Ypsilanti to hear Elvis's music, see classic cars, go for a free balloon ride etc., or at least check out the site's Elvis-links :)
  • The King's official website.
  • Feast your eyes and your mind. Note the SPAM Museum ("Please don't eat the exhibits")
  • Dated-looking but still impressively comprehensive reference site; it's fun to browse their categories of resources. They used to call themselves "The single best source for facts on the Net."
  • Still exists! Find Encyclopaedia britannica entries on what you're looking for, as well as lists of related links and magazine articles.
  • Detroit:
    • Great source of ideas for food and activities in Detroit. Sign up for their regular newsletter with suggestions!
    • Comprehensive website for all things Detroit
  • Choose Responsibility Repository of information, resources and arguments for changing the current drinking age legislation.


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