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German Search Engines, Databases, Link Collections 
German Web Catalogs and Databases German Search Engines
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German Web Catalogs and Databases

German Search Engines

  • Google Excellent search engine for finding specific combinations of words in the text of a website.  Go to "Language, Display, & Filtering Options" and set the language of the pages to be searched to "German," or just enter a search term in German in order to get primarily German pages for your results.  Currently my favorite search engine :)
  • Abacho Calls itself a search engine ("Die schnelle Suchmaschine") but looks like a web catalog. When I tried it, there was an annoying popup for a dating service.
  • Altavista Deutschland; Altavista Österreich
  • Austro Links "Your Austrian Search Engine"
  • austronaut Österreichische Suchmaschine. [Not working 7/21/2004]
  • Deutsche Meta-Suchmaschine
  • Fireball
  • Infoseeker simultaneously searches multiple German sources and allows searches to be presented according to relevance or engine. Click on "web alerts" to monitor search terms at a frequency that suits you.
  • Lycos Deutschland; Lycos Österreich Irritating sites that load multiple times before settling on a layout.
  • metaspinner Österreichische Suchmaschine
  • PAPERBALL Looks for current newspaper articles on the topic you enter. For this purpose, this search engine is actually significantly better than Google, in my opinion.
  • Hip metasearch site aimed at younger users
  • Suchmaschinen TV Catalog of search engines worldwide. Click on "Regional" for search engines focused on specific regions of Germany, and on "Österreich" or "Schweiz" for search engines focusing on those countries. Also includes a section with "search engine-related news" ["Suchmaschinen Nachrichten"].
  • WEB.DE

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