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Wissenschaft [=Science] & Technik 
Multimedia and Interactive Sites Daily Collections of Scientific News
Scientific Magazines Online Astronomie
Miscellaneous Scientific Sites Scientific Online Dictionaries

Multimedia and Interactive Sites

  • Galileo This TV show investigates a very wide range of topics of everyday interest. Best part of the site is an extensive archive of video clips. Note: The topics are not always scientific and sometimes in bad taste.
  • Hi-Tech Online (von Siemens Österreich) Focused on technological innovations in which Siemens is involved - and since Siemens is active in such a broad range of fields, this means you can find articles on anything from advanced experimental Physics to medical technology. Click on "Video" at the top to see a selection of short videos; "Audio" to see a selection of short articles (for these, you can usually also access the text so you can follow along); "Blog" to see short texts on various topics. The language is sometimes challenging, but all the entries are short, and if you know something about the topic, you should be able to follow along. The speakers generally have mild Austrian accents, so this is also a great resource for getting accustomed to that.
  • Das Teilchen Abenteuer [=The Particle Adventure]: die Grundlagen [=fundamentals] der Materie und der Kräfte [=forces] German-language version of a prizewinning site created by the Particle Data Group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Explains the mysteries of fundamental particles and forces, anti-matter, dark matter, string theory etc. Don't forget that in Germany, Quark is also a sort of smooth, more neutral-tasting cottage cheese you eat on bread with jam, or mixed up with herbs and spices Note there are some problems with the appearance of the interactive portions of this site in certain browsers.

Daily Collections of Scientific News

  • APA ZukunftWissen Under the heading with the blue arrow, "fti und wissenschaft," you'll find articles on current scientific news. The link to "weitere Meldungen" at the bottom takes you to a page with links to many more articles. You need a paid subscription to access these additional articles, but if a title looks interesting to you (and they often do: "Pilz macht Ameisen zu willenlosen Zombies"; "Großer Hintern macht Affen unwiderstehlich"), you can often find the same article on other sites by googling the title. No other site does as great a job as this one at compiling short, readable, and often amusingly titled articles on scientific news.
  • idw - Das idw Serviceangebot A great service compiling press releases on cutting-edge research news from many of the major research institutions in Germany.  Note there's a free subscription option if you'd like to get these articles emailed to you.

Scientific Magazines Online


  • Tolle Seite mit Astronomie-Nachrichten.  In der Kategorie "Frag" kann man Fragen stellen, und es gibt ein Glossar mit Erklärungen der Fachbegriffe [=technical terms], und auch eine gute Linkliste.
  • Astronomische Fachbegriffe Concise German-German dictionary of astronomical terminology put together by students at the Käthe Kollwitz Gymnasium in Wilhelmshaven.
  • The Astronomy Thesaurus Terms are listed alphabetically and in thematic clusters; click on a term to see its equivalents in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.
  • Die Sternbilder Sternbild = Konstellation.
  • Sterne und Weltraum Astronomie-Magazin
  • Raumfahrt Concret Online Magazin über Raumfahrt

Miscellaneous Scientific Sites

  • A great resource for all kinds of information, but especially for scientific topics.
  • Deutsches Museum München Museum für Naturwissenschaft und Technik. Tolle interaktive Webseiten mit Videos, mini-Experimenten usw.
  • Abi-Tools Elaborate website with all kinds of exercises to help students study biology, chemistry and physics for the Abitur.
  • Große Enzyklopädie der Steine Encyclopaedia of rocks, minerals and precious stones
  • Mensch Einstein Excellent question and answer-based website where you can find information about concepts and devices that would not be possible without Einstein, biographicall information, and quotes.
  • MendelWeb A great site with all kind of information about Mendel.  In particular, it includes full German and English texts of his famous paper, so if you open two browser windows, you could read them side by side like a facing page translation.

Scientific Online Dictionaries

At this point, LEO and BEOLINGUS [linked in the left-hand navigation bar near the top of this page], among others, will allow you to find most of the technical terms you're looking for, but a specialized dictionary may still be helpful in some cases.


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