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GERMAN FLASH CARD PROGRAM Use this program to practice the vocabulary for any University of Michigan course. Just go to Options > Add Cards > Load Pre-Made Cards and load the cards you want. To create your own cards, or add cards from a tab-delimited list, go to Options > Add Cards > Create Custom Cards. Note that if you take a minute to read the Help menu, you may discover lots of additional useful features!

  • Get the mobile version (iOS or Android) via the link below the flashcard interface!

Strategien zum Vokabellernen

The most frequent German words (these 200 or so words make up 1/3 to 1/2 of almost any German text!)

Vokabeln zum Debattieren/Diskutieren

Basic "Wie geht's?" Vocabulary

Vocab Learning Sites This is a (currently still free) website that applies memory research to the task of helping you learn vocabulary (or other factual information). You can use their existing "courses" to learn some basic vocabulary, or you can make your own list(s). To get started, create a free account and try making a list with a few words that are giving you trouble. Keep the English translations simple, so you can take advantage of existing mnemonic ideas that other users have already entered. Return to the site for a short time every day and complete the tasks for your list(s). If you like the site, you can gradually expand your list(s), and perhaps also use the site to learn other things!

German Word of the Day Sites

These usually include a translation and a sample sentence with the word.

German Words that Express Concepts for which English Lacks Suitable Words

Superwörter/Wortwahl (vocabulary distinctions and usage notes)

Vokabellisten für Deutschkurse an der Universität Michigan (zum Teil mit Übungen)

Deutsch 101 (Vorsprung)

Deutsch 102 (Vorsprung)

Deutsch 221/231 (3rd semester)

Deutsch 232: Mathematical and Scientific German

Hartmuts Konversationskurse

Deutsch 325 (German for Engineering I) Deutsch 326 (German for Engineering II)


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