Frederick Amrine

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Fred Amrine 2015

Arthur F. Thurnau Professor,
Associate Professor of German

University of Michigan
German Department
3210 MLB
812 E.Washington St., Ann Arbor, MI

Phone: 734.764.8018
Fax: 734.763.6557

  • Fields of Study
    • Goethe
    • German Idealism
    • German Romanticism
    • Aesthetics
    • Gilles Deleuze
    • Rudolf Steiner
  • About

    Selected Publications

    • “The Music of the Organism: Uexküll, Merleau-Ponty, Zuckerkandl, and Deleuze as Goethean Ecologists in Search of a New Paradigm,” forthcoming in a special edition of The Goethe Yearbook
    • “’The Magic Formula We All Seek’: Spinoza + Fichte = x,” in Religion, Reason and Culture in the Age of Goethe, ed. Krimmer and Simpson (Camden House, 2013); rpt. in At the Edges of Thought: Deleuze and Post-Kantian Philosophy, ed. Voss and Lundy (Edinburgh UP, forthcoming).
    • Eight volumes of the Collected Works of Rudolf Steiner (translations, introductions, commentaries) in print or forthcoming, including two volumes on Goethe’s Faust and three volumes on architecture.
    • Many other volumes of Steiner’s Collected Works in preparation.
    • Entry on “Goethe,” The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism (Johns Hopkins UP, 1995; rpt. 2004).
    • "The Unconscious of Nature: Analyzing Disenchantment in Faust I." The Goethe Yearbook, 17 (2010), 117-132.
    • "Rethinking the Bildungsroman," Michigan Germanic Studies 13.2 (1987).
    • Goethe and the Sciences: A Reappraisal (Dordrecht: Reidel, 1987).
    • "Goethe's Italian Discoveries as a Natural Scientist (The Scientist in the Underworld)," in Goethe in Italy, 1786-1986, ed. G. Hofmeister (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1988).
    • "'The Metamorphosis of the Scientist," The Goethe Yearbook 5 (1990); rpt. in Goethe’s Way of Science: A Phenomenology of Nature, ed. Zajonc and Seamon (SUNY Press, 1998).
    • "The Triumph of Life': Nietzsche's Verbicide," in The Crisis in Modernism; Bergson and the Vitalist Tradition, ed. Frederick Burwick and Paul Douglass. Cambridge Cambridge UP, 1992.
    • Goethe in the History of Science, Vol. 1 (NY: Lang, 1996).
    • Goethe in the History of Science, Vol. 2 (NY: Lang, 1996).

  • Awards
    • Julia A. Lockwood Award for Research and Teaching [1992]
    • Arthur F. Thurnau Professor [1998]