Andrew Mills

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Andrew Mills

Lecturer IV, Academic Advisor

University of Michigan
German Department
3122 MLB
812 E. Washington St., Ann Arbor, MI

Phone: 734.764.2077
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  • Fields of Study
    • 19th and 20th Century literature
    • Jewish Studies
    • Contemporary political and economic developments in the Federal Republic
  • About

    Andrew Mills is one of two departmental undergraduate advisors for German concentrators and minors, and shares responsibility for the department’s internal and external outreach programs. Andrew teaches intermediate and advanced German language and literature. His teaching has included courses on 19th century honor violence, German-Jewish relations from the Enlightenment to the founding of the Federal Republic, religion in German society, and the image of the Jew in German literature. Andrew’s most recent publication in the Germanic Review examines the notion of Satisfaktion in 19th century Germanic culture and society, and aims to establish a concise understanding of the term for the study of German-language fiction. Other published essays examine the concept of career opportunism amongst Third-Reich entertainment musicians and the notion of total mobilization in Germany and Japan. His current research projects address Landserheft publications in the age of an all-volunteer Bundeswehr, and examine the ongoing popularity of fencing violence in German university fraternities.

    Selected Publications

    • Satisfaktion in 19th Century German Dueling Violence and Its Relevance for Literary Analysis.” The Germanic Review: Literature, Culture, Theory. Vol. 86, No. 2 (April-June 2011), 134-152. Link to article
    • Die Besten Praktika in den USA. Bonn: TIA Verlag, 1999.
    • "When Opportunism Knocks: Evaluating the Career of Popular Entertainment Musician Peter Kreuder in the Third Reich." Music Research Forum. Volume 23. Published by the
      University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. (September 2008) Link to essay.
    • "Ernst Jünger and Ishiwara Kanji: A Comparative Examination of the Concept of Total Mobilization for Germany and Japan." New German Review. Volume 23. UCLA.
      (December 2008) Link to essay.
    • [Translation] Soltek, Stefan and Martina Weiß. "A Train Station for Billy—The Children's Book Manuscript by Kate T. Steinitz.” Journal of Artist's Books. Volume 23. (Spring 2008) Link to article

  • Education
    • B.A., German, Purdue University, 1998
    • M.A., German Literature and Culture, Indiana University, 2003
    • Ph.D., Modern German Literature and Culture, Indiana University, 2009.
  • Awards
    • Excellence in Concentration Advising Award [2013]
  • Grants
    • Faculty Grant ($1,000) from the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, “Critical Issues in the Translation Classroom,” University of Michigan, 2012
  • Selected Publications:
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