Majors & Minors

Major in German

Prerequisites: German 232 or the equivalent (Placement Test, AP score, or transfer credits)

Requirements: At least 30 hours of German courses, including 325 OR 326; three 300-level courses taught in German; 425 or 426; three 400-level courses taught in German; and at least two additional advanced (300-level or higher) German courses. Each may include an area taught in English (plus LAC equivalents available). Substitutions are allowed with the approval of the Major Advisor.

Honors German: Includes 491 and 492 among the 30 required credits, maintain a 3.7 or higher GPA in German, and an overall GPA of 3.4 or higher.

Teaching Certificate: Three additional credits, and be sure to include 531 among the 33 credits in addition to the requisite courses from the School of Education.

Study Abroad: No more than 15 credits may apply toward the major unless the program is affiliated with The University of Michigan (i.e. Academic Year in Freiburg, Tübingen, or winter term in Tübingen).

* We require EITHER German 325 or 326, not both -- but if you take both, they both count toward the major. They may be repeated once if the content differs. 325 is no longer a prerequisite for 326. The 325/326 requirement is waived for study-abroad students, i.e. if you take 232 then spend a term or year in Freiburg or Tübingen, you do not have to take 325 or 326 when you return to Ann Arbor.

Students in the Residential College can take RC 321 in lieu of LSA 325/326. RC 321 can be repeated once for credit provided the content is different.


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Minor in German

Prerequisites: German 101, 102, and 231 or the equivalent, as determined by the placement exam.

Requirements: No less than 18 hours at the level of German 232 or higher.

Students must take either German 325 or 326. Either 325 or 326 may be repeated once, provided the content is different. At least four courses counting towards the 18-hour total must be taught in German, and at least one must be numbered 400 or above. Students are strongly encouraged to give further coherence to their programs by electing courses within the same "German Studies Sequence."

Internships: If students have completed a summer internship in Germany, Switzerland, or Austria, and enrolled in German 351 (3 credits) in one of the following semesters, the credits will count towards the minor.

Study Abroad: No more than 15 credits may be applied toward the minor unless the program is affiliated with The University of Michigan (i.e. Academic Year in Freiburg, or winter term in Tübingen).


Minor in Scandinavian Studies

Prerequisites to the Academic Minor:
Scandinavian 234 or equivalent, as determined by the Departmental placement examination.

Academic Minor Program:
At least 15 credits and five courses, to be chosen from the following categories as stated below.

1. Required Scandinavian courses:

  • SCAND325: Third Year Swedish, 4cr (can be repeated for 8 credits total)
  • SCAND331: Scandinavian Civilization, 3cr
  • SCAND375: Nordic Mythology, 3cr

2. Electives: Two courses chosen from among:

  • SCAND349: Independent Study, 1-4cr (can be repeated for 8 credits total)
  • SCAND351: Internship In Sweden, 3cr; Internship in Uppsala, 1-5cr (may be more)
  • SCAND371: Philosophy
  • SCAND407: English: Children's Literature, 3cr
  • SCAND441 and 330: Film and video, appropriate Scandinavian topic
  • SCAND442: Icelandic Sagas, 3cr

3. Extra that does not count:

  • SCAND305: Scandinavian Conversation, 1cr
  • SCAND405: Scandinavian Conversation, 1cr

For more information on our Scandinavian Program, contact the Director, Johanna Eriksson.