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Anton  Reznicek

- Assistant Director
- Curator (Vascular Plants)
- Research Scientist

Academic Background

University of Toronto, Ph.D.
University of Toronto, M.Sc.
University of Guelph, B.Sc. (Hon.)


Systematics and evolution of Cyperaceae, especially Carex, with emphasis on a multi-level approach concentrating on several aspects including development of new characters useful in systematics, monographic studies of major groups, sectional classification and nomenclature, and processes and patterns of evolution. A major present focus is the neotropics, especially Mexico.

Phytogeography of the northeastern North American flora, concentrating on the Great Lakes region. Primary interests here are plant migration and colonization, origin and persistence of relict plant species and communities, and wetland vegetation dynamics, especially of the Great Lakes shorelines.

Conservation of the Great Lakes region flora.

Select publications

Gómez-Sánchez, M., A. Cabrera-Luna, M.S. González-Elizondo, and A.A. Reznicek. 2012. Carex vizarronensis (Cyperaceae), a new species of Carex Section Schiedeanae from Central Mexico. Systematic Botany. 37 926–928 [PDF]

Miller, B. M., R. J. Aitken, M. J. Oldham, and A. A. Reznicek. 2012. Slender False Brome (Brachypodium sylvaticum, Poaceae), an invasive grass new to Ontario, Canada. Canadian Field–Naturalist 125 235–240 [PDF]

Peirson J.A., A.A. Reznicek, and J. C. Semple. 2012. Polyploidy, infraspecific cytotype variation, and speciation in Goldenrods The cytogeography of Solidago subsect. Humiles (Asteraceae) in North America. Taxon 61 197–210 [PDF]

Rabeler, R.K., A.A. Reznicek, and J. McNeill. 2012. Edward Groesbeck Voss (1929–2012). Taxon 61 697 [PDF]

Ahern, R. G., D. A. Landis, A. A. Reznicek, and D. W. Schemske. 2010. Spread of exotic plants in the landscape the role of time, growth habit, and history of invasiveness. Biological Invasions 12 3157–3169 [PDF]

González–Elizondo, M.S., M. González–Elizondo, J.A. Tena Flores I. L. López Enriquez, A.A. Reznicek, N. Diego–Pérez. 2008. Sinopsis de Scirpus s.l. (Cyperaceae) para México. Acta Botanica Mexicana 82 15–41 [PDF]

Hipp, A.L., P.E. Rothrock, A.A. Reznicek, and P.E. Berry. 2007. Chromosome Number Changes Associated With Speciation in Sedges A Phylogenetic Study in Carex Section Ovales (Cyperaceae) Using aflp Data. In J. T. Columbus, E. A. Friar [PDF]

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Reznicek A. A. 1990. Evolution in sedges (Carex, Cyperaceae). Can. J. Bot. 68 1409-1432 [PDF]

Campbell, C.A. and A.A. Reznicek. 1977. New Vascular Plant Records on Pelee and East Sister Islands, Essex County, Ontario Canadian Field–Naturalist 91 384–390 [PDF]