Anselm Kiefer and the Philosophy of Martin Heidegger

Author(s): Matthew Biro

Biro Kiefer book


Anselm Kiefer and the Philosophy of Martin Heidegger is a work of cultural history that situates the art works of one of the most important contemporary painters in relation to the existential, phenomenological and hermeneutic philosophy of Heidegger. Analyzing the development of Kiefer's art in terms of subjectivity, intersubjectivity, history, and technology, Matthew Biro demonstrates that the artist's subjects reflect and transform the philosopher's theoretical interests and intellectual development. The works of Kiefer and Heidegger, Biro argues, present a constellation of issues that unite German art and theory for most of the twentieth century. Showing the aesthetic relevance of the three stages of Heidegger's philosophical thought to Kiefer's work, this book also demonstrates the impact of Kiefer's art works on contemporary art and theory.

Publication Information:

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Year of Publication: 1998

Location: London

# of Pages: 334

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ISBN: 0521591708