Professional Practice


CatalogingThe VRC staff catalog image records according to standards and guidelines recommended by the Visual Resources Association.  This includes adherence to VRA Core 4.0 and Cultural Cataloging Objects (CCO), as well as the use of established vocabularies and authorities from the Getty Research Institute and the Library of Congress.  The VRC is a member of the IRIS (Image Resource Information System) Collaborative and catalogs in the IRIS 2008 relational database using the FileMaker Pro software application.

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Color ChartThe VRC imaging staff employ professional capture and digital imaging techniques to achieve high quality in images presented for history of art classes, publications, and outreach materials.  Collection images are captured at a high resolution using industry color and tonal standards as guidelines.  All work is conducted on calibrated monitors in a regulated work environment.  Final results are the product of the quality of source material and post-processing employing professional imaging practices.  Input methods include copy photography of books, periodicals and primary resource material, flatbed scanning of 2-dimensional reflective material, and film scanning of 35mm slides as well as transparencies and film up to 8 x 10”.  The imaging staff also handle the ingest, processing and file management for all vendor images purchased through the VRC.  

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Archival Practices

The VRC houses many valuable original archival photograph collections.  The VRC staff employs trained librarians and archivists and utilizes graduate students in Archival Administration to preserve and create access to this unique content. 

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