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Palace Collection


Palace Collection

Asian Archive

Sinai Collection


Berenson Photograph Archive

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Teaching Collection
Houses more than 1.5 million images in various formats collected over nearly a century to support the teaching of art and art history.

Romanesque Archive
Compiled by Dr. Ilene Forsyth, this contains approximately 5,500 study photographs illustrating French monuments focusing on Romanesque sculpture.

Sinai Archive
(special collection – closed for general study purposes)
Negatives taken during the 1958, 1960, 1963, and 1965 joint expeditions of the Universities of Alexandria, Michigan, and Princeton to the Monastery of Saint Catherine on Mount Sinai.

Berenson Photograph Archive
Comprised of 60,000 black and white reduced images with catalog information of primarily Italian Renaissance art

Far Eastern Art Archive
About 40,000 beautifully copied, large format photographs of Chinese and Japanese painting, sculpture, architecture, and decorative arts.

Palace Museum Archive
(special collection – closed for general study purposes)
This ground-breaking collection, taken in the 1960s, numbers over 9,000 large format black and white and color photographs of painting and decorative arts in the collection of the National Palace Museum, Taiwan.

South Asian Art Archive
Upwards of 75,000 photographs of Indian architecture, sculpture, and painting. The strength of the collection is its extensive coverage of cave temples of Western India.

Southeast Asian Art Archive
Over 12,000 large format photographs of monuments, sculpture and murals of Thailand and Java

South Asia Art Foundation (SAAF) Archive
A donation of  100,000 well identified photographs and other study material transferred to UM HART. This content documents the art, architecture, archaeology of South East Asia’s rich heritage.

Islamic Art Archive
More than 10,000 photographs and negatives comprising the oldest photo archive of Islamic Art in the U.S. with a focus on book illumination. Islamic architecture in Iran and Afghanistan are represented by the photographs and negatives of Donald Wilber and Authur Upham Pope.

UM Slide Distribution Images 
Over 30,000 images representing the department’s multi-decade, cutting edge art image distribution project.

Faculty Donations
Various collections created by some of our prominent History of Art Faculty including Rudolph Arnheim, David Huntington, Oleg Grabar, George Forsyth, Ilene Forsyth, Richard Edwards, Diane Kirkpatrick, and Walter Spink.