Copyright and Permissions


Being a collection of art, the VRC has copies of images that it uses for the study of art that are not for re-distribution.  The VRC cannot grant permission to replicate images that it does not own.  A researcher will have to obtain permission from the image creator.  In some cases the VRC can direct the requestor to an image owner.  

Images on the site are password-protected and are limited to University of Michigan usage.  Some of the collection is owned by UM and access can be granted for publications or other commercial uses.  Please send a request to if you want to obtain a copy of an image listed on the UMDL site.

General information and advice can be sought through the University of Michigan Library's Copyright Office or from the following librarian-created LibGuide.

Permission for Publication of Images in History of Art Collections

In most cases, we can provide image files for your use only after you have received in writing permission from the repository or copyright holder.

Requests for permission to publish images from the Research and Archives Collections, including the ACSAA, AAPD, and UMSD slide distribution projects, should be directed to:

Visual Resources Collections
Tappan Hall, Room 45
Department of History of Art, University of Michigan
855 South University Avenue
Ann Arbor, Michigan  48109-1357
Phone: 734.764.0386; Fax: 734.647.4121