Permissions Request for Academic Publishing or Commercial Usage

The VRC is often contacted for permission to use images from its collection for non-educational uses such as textbooks or documentaries.  The VRC will do its best to assist such requests.  In order to process the orders quickly, please provide the following information, as applicable:

  • link or thumbnail of specific image requested (if known)
  • digital image number or record number
  • type of usage (textbook, art book, etc.)
  • title of project/book
  • print run if book
  • publisher/producer
  • if there will be digital versions will be made available as well as traditionally distributed copies

The permissions process has been developed over time and tries to balance a request with the due diligence needed.  Standard turn around time for the process is a few weeks but a legitimately urgent request can be accommodated.

If permission is granted a form will be sent to be signed and licensing or reproduction fees may be charged.  Please note that there are no licensing fees applied for dissertation work.