Degree Requirements

The degree requirements discussed here reflect the basic requirements of Rackham Graduate School and the History Department. Most students take more classes than are represented on this list. In addition, they participate in reading groups, workshops, lecture series, conferences and many other scholarly activities.

To help students and their advisors to plan in accordance with Rackham’s deadlines and to aid in making departmental funding decisions, students are required to submit an Annual Progress Report and to confer with their academic advisor to discuss progress and future plans. Program details are provided in the department’s graduate program handbook, The Gray Book.

Please Note: This timeline shows typical progress through the program. Individual schedules might vary depending upon the breadth of studies and when specific courses are offered.

Years One and Two

    Milestones and Required Coursework. . .

Year Three

    Achieving Candidacy. . .

Years Four Through Seven

    Completing the Dissertation . . .

Degree Requirements FAQ