What Sets Us Apart

SocratesGraduate education is a vital component in the intellectual and pedagogical mission of Michigan’s History Department.  Professors regularly indicate that graduate instruction and collaborations with graduate students are foundational to their endeavors as historians. Our students benefit not just from strength in their own field but also from the department’s commitment to a broad and comprehensive program. They are highly successful in institutional and national research fellowship competitions and have gone on to teach at major research universities and prestigious liberal arts colleges.

Michigan History is one of a handful of programs in the United States that offer coverage of most periods and regions of history and has been successful in developing and sustaining excellence across sub-fields. The resulting wealth of perspectives contributes to the intellectual energy of our faculty and students and is one of the reasons our program has been a leader in the field of historical studies.

SE AsiaInterdisciplinary study has been a U-M tenet since its founding and our students benefit substantially from this institutional culture. Among our faculty of more than 80 professors, over half hold joint appointments, affording our students the opportunity to study, attend workshops and conferences, and interact with faculty and students from throughout the university. This interconnectedness to other parts of the university contributes to the extraordinary vibrancy of the department, intellectually, pedagogically, and institutionally.