Africa Diaspora, Atlantic Studies

  • Paulina Alberto

    Paulina Alberto

    Associate Professor 2705 Haven Hall

    Latin America; race and nation, racial ideologies, racial politics; Afro-Latin America; Brazil and Argentina; history and narrative734.647.4869 /

  • Jay Cook

    Jay Cook

    Professor 1759 Haven Hall

    19th-century cultural and intellectual; African-American; Popular/mass culture; Visual culture; Capitalism734.763.7860 /

  • BIO-Countryman

    Matthew Countryman

    Associate Professor History, American Culture 2759 Haven Hall

    African American social movements, 20th-century U.S. history, race-postwar liberalism-and the American left, African-American politics in the post-civil-rights era.
    Secondary Fields of Study: Public memory of the Civil Rights movement, right-wing social movements, the social construction of race.
    734.647.2434 /

  • Kevin Gaines

    Kevin Gaines

    Professor 4700 Haven Hall (CAAS)

    U.S. and African American intellectual and cultural history; race and gender politics in post-World War II America; African American cultural production; the global dimensions of U.S. struggles over the meaning of citizenship734.764.5513 /

  • David J. Hancock

    David J. Hancock

    Director, Atlantic Studies Initiative
    2767 Haven Hall

    Business and Economic History;Atlantic World;Early-Modern Britain and Empire;Early-Modern Portugal and Empire;Colonial America734.763.7589 /

  • Brandi Hughes

    Brandi Hughes

    Assistant Professor 2518 Haven Hall

    North American religion, African American religious and intellectual history in the 20th century734.647.4873 /

  • Nancy Rose Hunt

    Nancy Rose Hunt

    Professor of History (and Obstetrics/Gynecology) 1735 Haven Hall

    Africa, health, medicine, violence, religious studies, humanitarianism, gender, psychiatry, theory, ethnographic history, global history, visual culture734.647.4887 /

  • Paul C. Johnson

    Paul C. Johnson

    Professor of History and Afroamerican and African Studies 4658 Haven Hall

    Theories of religion, ethnography, history of the study of religion, religion and race, modern history of Brazil734.764.5513 /

  • Martha Jones

    Martha S. Jones

    Arthur F Thurnau Professor, Associate Professor of History 2703 Haven Hall

    African American history; 19th century United States history; women's history; critical race theory, Atlantic world slavery and law734.647.5421 /

  • BIO-Miles

    Tiya Miles

    Elsa Barkley Brown Collegiate Professor, Professor of American Culture, History, Afroamerican & African Studies, Women's Studies, and Native American Studies 4773 Haven Hall

    African-American and Native-American interrelated and comparative histories, esecially 19th-century; African-American women's istory and literature; Native American women's history and literature; U.S. women's history734.764.5513 /

  • Sherie Randolph

    Sherie Randolph

    Assistant Professor 4640 Haven Hall (DAAS)

    20th-century United States; African American; African diaspora; Women and gender; Black feminism(s); Black Power; Social movements734.936.6528 /

  • Rebecca Scott

    Rebecca Scott

    Charles Gibson Distinguished University Professor of History and Professor of Law 1749 Haven / 969 Legal Research

    Latin America; Cuba, slavery and emancipation; Labor systems; Comparative citizenship734.763.4779 /

  • Julius Scott

    Julius Scott III


    734.764-6305 /

  • BIO-VonEschen

    Penny Von Eschen

    Professor of History and American Culture 1029J Tisch

    Transnational cultural and political dynamics;Race, gender, and empire;Political culture of United States imperialism734.647.6157 /

  • Rudolph Ware

    Rudolph (Butch) Ware

    Associate Professor 2510 Haven Hall

    Premodern Africa; Islam in Africa734.647.7943 /