Intellectual & Cultural History

  • Howard Brick

    Howard Brick

    Louis Evans Chair in U.S. History
    Director, Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies
    1725 Haven Hall

    20th Century U.S. History;Social Theory and American Intellectual History;History of Social Movements and Politics in the U.S. Since 1865734.763.7861 /

  • John Carson

    John Carson

    Associate Professor
    Director of Undergraduate Studies
    1765 Haven Hall

    U.S. intellectual/cultural history, history of science, history of the human sciences, 19th-century U.S. history, European intellectual history734.647.7378 /

  • Chun-shu Chang

    Chun-shu Chang

    Professor 1757 Haven Hall

    History and civilization of China, 1600 BC-1800 AD: sociolcultural, intellectual-literary, military-diplomatic, historiography, science and technology734.763.2294 /

  • Juan Cole

    Juan Cole

    Richard P. Mitchell Professor of History
    Director, Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies
    2527 Haven Hall

    Modern Middle East; Muslim South Asia; Social and intellectual history734.764.6305 /

  • Jay Cook

    Jay Cook

    Professor 1759 Haven Hall

    19th-century cultural and intellectual; African-American; Popular/mass culture; Visual culture; Capitalism734.763.7860 /

  • de Pee 2015

    Christian de Pee

    Associate Professor
    Director, Program in Medieval and Early Modern Studies
    1632 Haven Hall

    8th-14th centuries China (Tang, Song, and Yuan dynasties), text and writing, cities and urban space, representations of imperial power, ritual, archaelogy734.763.6968 /

  • DeloriaACWEB

    Philip J. Deloria

    Carroll Smith-Rosenberg Collegiate Professor
    LSA Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
    2216 LSA Bldg.
    2735 Haven Hall

    U.S. Cultural; American Indian; Enviornmental; American Studies734.764.0320
    734.763.2091 /

  • Hussein Fancy

    Hussein Anwar Fancy

    Assistant Professor 2528 Haven Hall

    Medieval Spain and North Africa; Social, Cultural and Intellectual History of Religious Interaction; Political Theology and Paleography734.647.5409 /

  • Will Glover

    William Glover

    Associate Professor of History and Architecture, A Alfred Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning
    Director of Graduate Studies, History

    Colonial and post-colonial South Asia; Urban and architectural history; Material culture; Aesthetics of modernization734.936.0203 /

  • Dena Goodman

    Dena Goodman

    Lila Miller Collegiate Professor of History and Women's Studies 2144 Lane Hall

    Early modern France; Cultural and Intellectual; Women and Gender734.647.0771 /

  • Diane Owen Hughes

    Associate Professor 2507 Haven Hall

    Medieval and Renaissance; cultural, social, legal734.764.8547 /

  • Nancy Rose Hunt

    Nancy Rose Hunt

    Professor of History (and Obstetrics/Gynecology) 1735 Haven Hall

    Africa, health, medicine, violence, religious studies, humanitarianism, gender, psychiatry, theory, ethnographic history, global history, visual culture734.647.4887 /

  • Kali Israel

    Kali Israel

    Associate Professor 2511 Haven Hall

    Modern and contemporary British and Scottish history [or Britain and Scotland]; gender history; modern Europe; cultural studies734.647.4898 /

  • Martha Jones

    Martha S. Jones

    Arthur F Thurnau Professor, Associate Professor of History 2703 Haven Hall

    African American history; 19th century United States history; women's history; critical race theory, Atlantic world slavery and law734.647.5421 /

  • BIO-Kelley

    Mary C. Kelley

    Ruth Bordin Collegiate Professor 2672 Haven Hall

    19th-century women’s writers, women’s intellectual history, American intellectual history, American culture, and women’s studies.734.647.7941 /

  • Valerie Kivelson

    Valerie A. Kivelson

    Thomas N. Tentler Collegiate Professor
    Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of History
    2743 Haven Hall

    Medieval and early modern Russia; history of cartography; history of witchcraft; religion; political culture; history and the visual; comparative empires; violence and visuality734.763.2049 /

  • tmasuzawajdb

    Tomoko Masuzawa

    Professor, Comparative Literature/History 2634 Haven Hall

    Modern European intellectual history (19th century); Discourses on religion; History of human sciences; Psychoanalysis734.615.3602 /

  • Michelle McClellan

    Michelle McClellan

    Assistant Professor

    United States; Public history734.647.5408 /

  • Farina Mir

    Farina Mir

    Associate Professor
    Director, Center for South Asian Studies
    2757 Haven Hall

    Modern South Asia; Islam/Muslims in South Asia; British colonialism734.647.5416 /

  • Gina Morantz-Sanchez

    Regina Morantz-Sanchez

    Professor 2664 Haven Hall

    Women's and gender history, history of the family, sexuality, the body, and medicine, race and ethnicity, Jewish American history734.763.2296 /

  • Ian Moyer

    Ian Moyer

    Associate Professor 2741 Haven Hall

    Ancient Greece and Egypt; Ethnicity and culture in the ancient world; Historiography and ethnography; Religion and magic734.763.5855 /

  • EllenMuehlberger_2015

    Ellen Muehlberger

    Assistant Professor 4163 Thayer Bldg.

    Religion and Christianity in Late Antiquity734.615.2960 /

  • Rachel Neis

    Rachel Neis

    Associate Professor 2506 Haven Hall

    Jewish history (particularly late antique); Palestinian and Babylonian rabbinic culture; Religion and mysticism; Law in the ancient world; Vision and visuality734.647.4616 /

  • Marty Pernick

    Martin S. Pernick

    Professor 1727 Haven Hall

    History of disease, disability, health, and the body; Professionalism and professional cultures; History of ethics and value issues in medicine;Film and the mediation of professional and popular cultures734.647.4876 /

  • Leslie Pincus

    Leslie Pincus

    Associate Professor
    Interim Director, Center for Japanese Studies
    1707 Haven Hall

    Modern Japan; Cultural Studies; Aesthetics and nationalism734.764.6381 /

  • Brian Porter-Szucs

    Brian Porter-Szücs

    Arthur F. Thurnau Professor 1751 Haven Hall

    Modern Poland, Economics of Socialism and Capitalism, Roman Catholicism734.764.6803 /

  • Helmut Puff

    Helmut Puff


    Early Modern German Literature, Culture, and History; European Reformations; History of Sexuality, Gender History; Visual

  • Headshot of Daniel Ramirez against white background

    Daniel Ramirez

    Assistant Professor 3733 Haven Hall

    American religious history; Immigration; Race and ethnicity; Mesooamerican/Latin; American/Afro-Latino and Asian American religions; Religious musics; Evangelicalisms; Church and state; Spanish Reformation734.615.6474 /

  • Perrin Selcer

    Perrin Selcer

    Assistant Professor

    Global environmental history; History and sociology of science, focusing on 20th century environmental and human sciences; International organizations and international development; U.S. and the

  • Minnie Sinha

    Mrinalini Sinha

    Alice Freeman Palmer Professor of History
    Professor of English and Women's Studies
    1743 Haven Hall

    South Asia; Colonialism and Imperialism; World and Global; Women's Studies734.615.3451 /

  • Scott Spector

    Scott Spector

    Professor of History, German, Judaic Studies
    Chair, Germanic Languages and Literature

    Modern Central European; cultural and intellectual; German-Jewish; history of

  • Jeffrey Veidlinger

    Jeffrey Veidlinger

    Joseph Brodsky Collegiate Professor of History and Judaic Studies 2529 Haven Hall

    Modern Jewish history, modern Russia and Eastern Europe, oral history, culture and ethnicity, Holocaust734.647.4885 /