Medieval & Early Modern Studies

  • Chun-shu Chang

    Chun-shu Chang

    Professor 1757 Haven Hall

    History and civilization of China, 1600 BC-1800 AD: sociolcultural, intellectual-literary, military-diplomatic, historiography, science and technology734.763.2294 /

  • de Pee 2015

    Christian de Pee

    Associate Professor
    Director, Program in Medieval and Early Modern Studies
    1632 Haven Hall

    8th-14th centuries China (Tang, Song, and Yuan dynasties), text and writing, cities and urban space, representations of imperial power, ritual, archaelogy734.763.6968 /

  • Hussein Fancy

    Hussein Anwar Fancy

    Assistant Professor 2528 Haven Hall

    Medieval Spain and North Africa; Social, Cultural and Intellectual History of Religious Interaction; Political Theology and Paleography734.647.5409 /

  • John Fine

    John V. A. Fine

    Professor 1672 Haven Hall

    Balkan, Byzantine, Eastern Church history763.2231 /

  • Katherine French

    Katherine French

    J. Frederick Hoffman Professor of History 1733 Haven Hall

    Medieval and women's history734.647.4899 /

  • Dena Goodman

    Dena Goodman

    Lila Miller Collegiate Professor of History and Women's Studies 2144 Lane Hall

    Early modern France; Cultural and Intellectual; Women and Gender734.647.0771 /

  • David J. Hancock

    David J. Hancock

    Director, Atlantic Studies Initiative
    2767 Haven Hall

    Business and Economic History;Atlantic World;Early-Modern Britain and Empire;Early-Modern Portugal and Empire;Colonial America734.763.7589 /

  • Diane Owen Hughes

    Associate Professor 2507 Haven Hall

    Medieval and Renaissance; cultural, social, legal734.764.8547 /

  • Sue Juster

    Susan Juster

    Professor 2521 Haven Hall

    Early American, women and religion734.763.7858 /

  • Valerie Kivelson

    Valerie A. Kivelson

    Thomas N. Tentler Collegiate Professor
    Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of History
    2743 Haven Hall

    Medieval and early modern Russia; history of cartography; history of witchcraft; religion; political culture; history and the visual; comparative empires; violence and visuality734.763.2049 /

  • Helmut Puff

    Helmut Puff


    Early Modern German Literature, Culture, and History; European Reformations; History of Sexuality, Gender History; Visual

  • Paolo Squatriti

    Paolo Squatriti

    Professor 2727 Haven Hall / 4403 MLB

    Medieval History734.647.4897 /

  • Hitomi Tonomura

    Hitomi Tonomura

    Professor 1719 Haven Hall

    Premodern patterns of gender construction and representation; war and manhood; work and environment; reproduction and lineage; impurity and law; violence and heroism; samurai films734.647.7298 /