Science, Technology & Medicine

  • John Carson

    John Carson

    Associate Professor
    Director of Undergraduate Studies
    Director of Graduate Studies, Program in Science, Technology & Society
    1765 Haven Hall

    U.S. intellectual/cultural history, history of science, history of the human sciences, 19th-century U.S. history, European intellectual history734.647.7378 /

  • Chun-shu Chang

    Chun-shu Chang

    Professor 1757 Haven Hall

    History and civilization of China, 1600 BC-1800 AD: sociolcultural, intellectual-literary, military-diplomatic, historiography, science and technology734.763.2294 /

  • Deirdre de la Cruz

    Deirdre de la Cruz

    Assistant Professor of Southeast Asian Studies
    Assistant Professor of History
    6167 STB

    Cultures and histories of Southeast Asia, in particular the Philippines734.615.8504 /

  • Paul N. Edwards

    Paul N. Edwards

    Professor 3439 North Quad

    History of science and technology, espeically meteorology and information infrastructures734.764.2617 /

  • Dario Gaggio

    Dario Gaggio

    Professor 2765 Haven Hall

    Modern Italy, History and political economy; Agrarian and environmental history734.763.2297 /

  • Will Glover

    William Glover

    Associate Professor of History
    Director of Graduate Studies, History

    Colonial and post-colonial South Asia; Urban and architectural history; Material culture; Aesthetics of modernization734.936.0203 /

  • Gabrielle Hecht

    Gabrielle Hecht

    Professor 2666 Haven Hall

    Science and technology studies; Nuclear power and proliferation;Colonialism and postcoloniality; Labor; National identity; Modern Africa (Gabon, Madagascar, Namibia, South Africa); Modern France734.647.7937 /

  • Joel D. Howell

    Joel D. Howell M.D.

    Victor Vaughan Professor
    Director, Program in Science, Technology & Society
    2773 Haven Hall

    Medicine; History and sociology of science734.615.8341 /

  • Nancy Rose Hunt

    Nancy Rose Hunt

    Professor of History (and Obstetrics/Gynecology) 1735 Haven Hall

    Africa, health, medicine, violence, religious studies, humanitarianism, gender, psychiatry, theory, ethnographic history, global history, visual culture734.647.4887 /

  • Powell Kazanjian

    Powel H. Kazanjian, Jr

    Professor 3119 Taubman Ctr

    Medicine, history of medicine734.936.5205 /

  • Rudi Lindner

    Rudi Lindner

    Professor 1672 Haven Hall

    Medieval world; Ottoman; astrophysics734.763.2290 /

  • Michelle McClellan

    Michelle McClellan

    Assistant Professor

    United States; Public history734.647.5408 /

  • Gina Morantz-Sanchez

    Regina Morantz-Sanchez

    Professor 2664 Haven Hall

    Women's and gender history, history of the family, sexuality, the body, and medicine, race and ethnicity, Jewish American history734.763.2296 /

  • Doug Northrop

    Douglas Northrop

    Associate Chair
    2519 Haven Hall

    Central Asia; World/global; Social/cultural; Empire/colonial; Gender/women; Environmental; Big history647-0099 /

  • Marty Pernick

    Martin S. Pernick

    Professor 1727 Haven Hall

    History of disease, disability, health, and the body; Professionalism and professional cultures; History of ethics and value issues in medicine;Film and the mediation of professional and popular cultures734.647.4876 /

  • Perrin Selcer

    Perrin Selcer

    Assistant Professor

    Global environmental history; History and sociology of science, focusing on 20th century environmental and human sciences; International organizations and international development; U.S. and the

  • Scott Spector

    Scott Spector

    Professor of History, German, Judaic Studies
    Chair, Germanic Languages and Literature

    Modern Central European; cultural and intellectual; German-Jewish; history of

  • Paolo Squatriti

    Paolo Squatriti

    Professor 2727 Haven Hall / 4403 MLB

    Medieval History734.647.4897 /