• Par Cassel

    Pär Cassel

    Associate Professor
    Associate Director, Center for Chinese Studies
    2526 Haven Hall

    Late imperial and modern China; legal, political and institutional history of China; Sino-Japanese relations; the treaty ports of East Asia; Manjuristics734.647.4868 / cassel@umich.edu

  • Chun-shu Chang

    Chun-shu Chang

    Professor 1757 Haven Hall

    History and civilization of China, 1600 BC-1800 AD: sociolcultural, intellectual-literary, military-diplomatic, historiography, science and technology734.763.2294 / cschang@umich.edu

  • Deirdre de la Cruz

    Deirdre de la Cruz

    Assistant Professor of Southeast Asian Studies
    Assistant Professor of History
    6167 STB

    Cultures and histories of Southeast Asia, in particular the Philippines734.615.8504 / ddelac@umich.edu

  • de Pee 2015

    Christian de Pee

    Associate Professor
    Director, Program in Medieval and Early Modern Studies
    1632 Haven Hall

    8th-14th centuries China (Tang, Song, and Yuan dynasties), text and writing, cities and urban space, representations of imperial power, ritual, archaelogy734.763.6968 / cdepee@umich.edu

  • Will Glover

    William Glover

    Associate Professor of History
    Director of Graduate Studies, History

    Colonial and post-colonial South Asia; Urban and architectural history; Material culture; Aesthetics of modernization734.936.0203 / wglover@umich.edu

  • Victor Lieberman

    Victor B. Lieberman

    Raoul Wallenberg Distingusihed University Professor of History and Professor of Asian and Comparative History 1741 Haven Hall

    Southeast Asia, 1400-1800, early modern global734.763.4771 / eurasia@umich.edu

  • Farina Mir

    Farina Mir

    Associate Professor 2757 Haven Hall

    Modern South Asia; Islam/Muslims in South Asia; British colonialism734.647.5416 / fmir@umich.edu

  • Leslie Pincus

    Leslie Pincus

    Associate Professor 1707 Haven Hall

    Modern Japan; Cultural Studies; Aesthetics and nationalism734.764.6381 / lpincus@umich.edu

  • Minnie Sinha

    Mrinalini Sinha

    Alice Freeman Palmer Professor of History
    Professor of English and Women's Studies
    1743 Haven Hall

    South Asia; Colonialism and Imperialism; World and Global; Women's Studies734.615.3451 / sinha@umich.edu

  • Hitomi Tonomura

    Hitomi Tonomura

    Professor 1719 Haven Hall

    Premodern patterns of gender construction and representation; war and manhood; work and environment; reproduction and lineage; impurity and law; violence and heroism; samurai films734.647.7298 / tomitono@umich.edu