• Pamela Ballinger

    Pamela Ballinger

    Associate Professor
    Fred Cuny Chair in the History of Human Rights
    2509 Haven Hall

    Human rights, refugees and displacement, memory, fascism, seascapes and coastal issues, Italy, Croatia/ex-Yugoslavia734.647.4888 / pballing@umich.edu

  • EIHS Post Doc Fellow

    Anne Berg

    Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies
    1029M Tisch Hall

    Modern German and modern European social and cultural history; Nazism, war, and the Holocaust; Urban history; Film studies; the history of garbage734.763.8905 / akberg@umich.edu

  • Kathleen Canning

    Kathleen Canning

    Department Chair (History)
    Sonya O. Rose Collegiate Professor of History
    Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of History, Women's Studies and German

    Modern Germany;Modern European women and gender;Labor and social movements;Welfare state;History of the body734.763.9937 / kcanning@umich.edu

  • Rita Chin

    Rita Chin

    Associate Professor 2526 Haven Hall

    Late Modern Europe, especially post-1945 Germany; comparative European migrations; transnationalism; ethnic minorities; gender; intellectual history734.615.9320 / rchin@umich.edu

  • Joshua Cole

    Joshua H. Cole

    Professor, History 1640 Haven Hall

    Modern France; Europe; Gender, memory, violence; colonial and post-colonial734.763.4159 / joshcole@umich.edu

  • Geoff Eley

    Geoff Eley

    Karl Pohrt Distinguished University Professor of Contemporary History 1029G Tisch

    Modern Germany, Britain, Europe; historiography; history & film; nationalism; fascism and the right734.764.6373 / ghe@umich.edu

  • Hussein Fancy

    Hussein Anwar Fancy

    Assistant Professor 2528 Haven Hall

    Medieval Spain and North Africa; Social, Cultural and Intellectual History of Religious Interaction; Political Theology and Paleography734.647.5409 / fancy@umich.edu

  • John Fine

    John V. A. Fine

    Professor 1672 Haven Hall

    Balkan, Byzantine, Eastern Church history763.2231 / jvafine@umich.edu

  • Katherine French

    Katherine French

    J. Frederick Hoffman Professor of History 1733 Haven Hall

    Medieval and women's history734.647.4899 / frenchk@umich.edu

  • Dario Gaggio

    Dario Gaggio

    Associate Professor 2765 Haven Hall

    Modern Italy, History and political economy; Agrarian and environmental history734.763.2297 / dariog@umich.edu

  • Dena Goodman

    Dena Goodman

    Lila Miller Collegiate Professor of History and Women's Studies 2144 Lane Hall

    Early modern France; Cultural and Intellectual; Women and Gender734.647.0771 / goodmand@umich.edu

  • Clement Hawes

    Clement Hawes

    Professor 3172 Angell Hall

    Restoration and eighteenth-century satire; Early modern novel; Eighteenth-century visual caricature; 'Madness' and early modern political rhetoric; Travel and travelogues; Early imperialism and resistance; The Anglo-Irish eighteenth century; The Enlightenment734.936.2700 / cchawes@umich.edu

  • Gabrielle Hecht

    Gabrielle Hecht

    Director, Program in Science, Technology & Society
    2666 Haven Hall

    Science and technology studies; Nuclear power and proliferation;Colonialism and postcoloniality; Labor; National identity; Modern Africa (Gabon, Madagascar, Namibia, South Africa); Modern France734.647.7937 / hechtg@umich.edu

  • Diane Owen Hughes

    Associate Professor 2507 Haven Hall

    Medieval and Renaissance; cultural, social, legal734.764.8547 / dohughes@umich.edu

  • Kali Israel

    Kali Israel

    Associate Professor 2511 Haven Hall

    Modern and contemporary British and Scottish history [or Britain and Scotland]; gender history; modern Europe; cultural studies734.647.4898 / kisrael@umich.edu

  • Valerie Kivelson

    Valerie A. Kivelson

    Thomas N. Tentler Collegiate Professor
    Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of History
    2743 Haven Hall

    Medieval and early modern Russia; history of cartography; history of witchcraft; religion; political culture; history and the visual; comparative empires; violence and visuality734.763.2049 / vkivelso@umich.edu

  • Jonathan Marwil

    Jonathan Marwil

    Lecturer 2632 Haven Hall

    Modern European history; War, historiography, photography734.647.5418 / jmarwil@umich.edu

  • tmasuzawajdb

    Tomoko Masuzawa

    Professor, Comparative Literature/History 2634 Haven Hall

    Modern European intellectual history (19th century); Discourses on religion; History of human sciences; Psychoanalysis734.615.3602 / masuzawa@umich.edu

  • Ian Moyer

    Ian Moyer

    Associate Professor 2741 Haven Hall

    Ancient Greece and Egypt; Ethnicity and culture in the ancient world; Historiography and ethnography; Religion and magic734.763.5855 / ianmoyer@umich.edu

  • Rachel Neis

    Rachel Neis

    Associate Professor 2506 Haven Hall

    Jewish history (particularly late antique); Palestinian and Babylonian rabbinic culture; Religion and mysticism; Law in the ancient world; Vision and visuality734.647.4616 / rneis@umich.edu

  • Brian Porter-Szucs

    Brian Porter-Szücs

    Arthur F. Thurnau Professor 1751 Haven Hall

    Modern Poland, Economics of Socialism and Capitalism, Roman Catholicism734.764.6803 / baporter@umich.edu

  • Helmut Puff

    Helmut Puff


    Early Modern German Literature, Culture, and History; European Reformations; History of Sexuality, Gender History; Visual Culturepuffh@umich.edu

  • Scott Spector

    Scott Spector

    Professor of History, German, Judaic Studies
    Chair, Germanic Languages and Literature

    Modern Central European; cultural and intellectual; German-Jewish; history of sexualityspec@umich.edu

  • Paolo Squatriti

    Paolo Squatriti

    Professor 2727 Haven Hall / 4403 MLB

    Medieval History734.647.4897 / pasqua@umich.edu

  • Ronald Suny

    Ronald G. Suny

    Charles Tilly Collegiate Professor of Social and Political History 1767 Haven Hall

    Russian, Armenian, Caucasian history; Nationalism; Empire; Ethnic conflict, genocidergsuny@umich.edu

  • Ray Van Dam

    Ray Van Dam

    Professor 2733 Haven Hall

    Roman history, esp. early and later Roman empire; Early medieval and early Byzantine history; Early Christian studies734.763.1193 / rvandam@umich.edu

  • Jeffrey Veidlinger

    Jeffrey Veidlinger

    Joseph Brodsky Collegiate Professor of History and Judaic Studies 2529 Haven Hall

    Modern Jewish history, modern Russia and Eastern Europe, oral history, culture and ethnicity, Holocaust734.647.4885 / jveidlin@umich.edu